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The Bhagavad-Gita (The Song Divine)

The BHAGAVAD-GITA (The Song Divine)
The BHAGAVAD-GITA (The Song Divine)
Summary of the Upanishads
One of the most popular Hindu scriptures
Longest Philosophical song (700+1 verses) in the
world literature.

Many Hindus swear on it in a court of law
A dialogue between Lord Krishna and prince Arjuna
at the outset of Ma-haa-bhaa- ra-ta war [a royal family
feud which resulted in a wholesale war that lasted for
18 days (Nov 22- Dec 9; 3067 BCE) in Ku-ru-kSHe-tra
(a place near India's capital New Delhi, in the state
of Haryana)]

Krishna says to Arjuna that He had given the same
message long ago (since times immemorial)!
The message was passed on in succession for many
generations through the lineage of philosopher
kings of the solar dynasty. However, with time,
the essence was lost.

"I have appeared in the human form as your
friend to revive it"

Yes, that revival of Hinduism has been
happening in every generation. This makes
Hinduism a vibrant (dynamic) religion
(old and new at the same time!)

*God is the source of everything.

*God is the best.

*God is omnipotent and omnipresent.

*True knowledge is to know God.

*Death is only to the body. Soul takes
on new forms until it is liberated.

*Once we surrender to God, we are free
from cycles of birth and death.

*The good wins over evil.

*God reincarnates, when needed to establish dharma (that which is
beneficial to everyone).

*The form of God we worship, God fixes our faith in that very form.

*All pray to the same God.

*True believers of God never fail.

Action is inevitable. No one can keep quiet.

* Saintly, showy and lazy are human nature.
Try to become more saintly in your thoughts,
words, and deed (eating habits, leisure activities,
charitable work, etc.).

* Rise above the differences of pain and pleasure,
good and bad, etc.

*Do your work without greed. Don't be lazy.

* Do the work that suits you best.

*Dedicate all your actions to God.

* You have control only on your actions and
not on the result- Five factors govern the
outcome all actions (good or bad): Context,
individual, tools at one's disposal, how
the tools are used, and providence
(luck/fate/chance, karma).

*Share your fortunes to take care of infrastructure,
otherwise you are like a thief, who only exploits.

*Always support what is right.

*Follow moderation. Maintain a good balance of work,
leisure, food and pleasure.

*Be an example for good.

*Be humble and tolerant.

*Lust, anger, and greed lead to sorrow.

*Love (faith), light (knowledge) and life
(selfless work) are the ways to God.

*Love all. See ONE in all and all in ONE.

*You are your best friend and your worst enemy.

*Only few people truly realize the truth.

*December month (Christmas !) and the spring
season (Easter!)are very dear to God.

*Easy to please God. Just offer some water, or a
flower, or a leaf with faith or just think of God.

*The greatest Mantra is Om (AUM)

*Wisdom (Krishna) + Action (Arjuna) = Success.