Sunday, August 23, 2009

How to be ROMANTIC... It isn't all that difficult...just needs a warm heart and some guidance to get you started!

How to be ROMANTIC... It isn't all that difficult...just needs a warm heart and some guidance to get you started!
When in love romance is at the heart of all good relationships, some people may think they or their partner isn't romantic and that may be true but if you are in love then you can be romantic.

Here we will talk through some tips and help on how to be romantic, these are not tips like a picnic on the Eiffel tower but more serious romantic gestures that you can do everyday.

  • Understand that romance is not exclusive to women, men who are romantic have far greater chances of success while dating, also if you already are in a relationship romance will help to keep your other half happy.
  • Tell your partner you love them, this can be difficult for some people but doing this will make your partner feel special and surprised when you do say it.
  • Try to spend time with your partner, if you have a busy schedule then just making an hour free for lunch now and then will allow you to have time to chat and be together. Every now and then look to spend a day together and do something you both enjoy.
  • When talking to each other try to look at your partner and hold their gaze while having conversations.
  • If you have been together a year or 50 years, keep being romantic, romance should never end just because you have been together for a long time.
  • Try not to be together all the time, you should both enjoy time apart to see friends or even to just relax, this will make the times when you see each other even more meaningful.
  • Use candles, candles during dinner in the evening helps to set the mood, sunsets are also particularly romantic.
  • When trying to be romantic at a romantic dinner etc you should try to look your best, this will show that you have made a lot of effort.
  • When given the opportunity, dancing together can be very romantic.
  • Occasionally buy small gifts that have a sentimental effect, put good thought into the gift, it really doesn't have to be expensive.
  • Background music during a meal is very romantic.
  • You could create your own cards for occasions instead of buying them, it shows you have put thought and time into it.
  • Laugh together, do things that make you both laugh.
  • Hold hands and show affection to your partner, hugging also has a great effect.