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Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Scenes

Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

When lips meet here in Bollywood it's not all ooh and aahs! Sometimes,a bus burns, a train's blocked and then there are sporadic incidents of mob violence across the country. Then shops close and much to the delight of the little ones who can not be bothered with life- schools shut!

So, a kiss in Bollywood can cause a huge stink and we try to remember some that actually caused riots!

Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

Amrita Arora and Eesha Koppikar's in Girlfriend

Director Karan Razdan had everything going right about his film. Two super-hot actresses and an actor who actually didn't matter in a movie that revolved around a 'sensitive' issue!

Amrita Arora and Isha Koppikar played lesbian lovers stuck with trashy dialogues and negative stereotypes - the movie was a huge zero!

But the hungama was outside the cinema hall! Suddenly,you had news panelists trashing each other, wonderful headlines and theatres being threatened to close.

It was no big deal, but then, it happens only in India.
Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

Hrithik lands one on Ash and trouble in Dhoom 2

They heard about the kiss even before the cast was announced. The kind of controversy the sequel created was unparalleled - with two of the biggest Bollywood stars being dragged through the muck of debates. What many thought will only make Abhishek cringe turned out to be one of the loudest protests made by the far right in the country.

Yash Raj productions pulled the scene off after a few weeks, reportedly at the request of the Bachchans.
Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

Lucky number 17 in Kwashish

Seventeen kisses sealed the publicity material for this flick which was also Mallika Sherawat's debut vehicle. The film lacked realism to a level that you could almost imagine eskimos in hula shirts! But the strategy worked and the movie soon became a super-hit.
Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

Hey Ram yeh kya hua

Kamal's bomber on Rani Mukerji made more headlines than the moon landing. The film also packed some pretty brave intimate scenes between the two - some even making it to the trailers. But despite all that steam, Hey Ram failed to climb the Box Office hill.
Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

Love is truly blind in Black

It was meant to be a moment of revelation. When the never-been-kissed deaf-mute heroine, Rani Mukerji, gets curious about life and adulthood. But moralists fumed at the kiss between Rani Mukerji and tutor Amitabh Bachchan. Many believed the added intimacy ruined the 'student-teacher' relationship that had been established in the movie - an opinion we call, just noise!
Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

Mallika turns bombshell in Murder

Emraan Hashmi sure would like a sequel to this one. Murder was the desi version of the Hollywood flick Unfaithful, which starred Richard Gere and Diane Lane - and the best part was, we caught up!

The steamy love scenes made Mallika Sherawat a household name and Emraan Hashmi went ahead towards greater heights as Bollywood's very own serial kisser!
f Top 7 Bollywood's Most Controversial Kisses

It's all about love with John Abraham and Abhishek Bachchan in Dostana
It had everything in it to draw the crowds. Priyanka Chopra's bikini debut and two Bollywood hunks turning gay. Tarun Mansukhani's comedy, set in Miami, could have seemed controversial to many involved with the Indian LGBT community. But the movie undeniably made the issue more lighter and warm to be accepted widely.

There was no controversy per se but this Karan Johar production did put the cause back into the spotlight.