Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Questions to Ponder Over... LOL

Questions to Ponder Over... LOL

[2] Can You Cry Under Water?

[3] How Important Does A Person Have To Be Before They Are Considered Assassinated Instead Of Just Murdered?

[4] Why Do You Have To "Put Your Two Cents In"... But It's Only A "Penny For Your Thoughts"? Where's That Extra Penny Going To?

[5] Once You're In Heaven, Do You Get Stuck Wearing The Clothes You Were Buried In For Eternity?

[6] Why Does A Round Pizza Come In A Square Box?

[7] What Disease Did Cured Ham Actually Have?

[8] How Is It That We Put Man On The Moon Before We Figured Out It Would Be A Good Idea To Put Wheels On Luggage?

[9] Why Is It That People Say They "Slept Like A Baby" When Babies Wake Up Like Every Two Hours?

[10] If A Deaf Person Has To Go To Court, Is It Still Called A Hearing?

[11] Why Are You In A Movie, But You're On Tv?

[12] Why Do People Pay To Go Up Tall Buildings And Then Put Money In Binoculars To Look At Things On The Ground?

[13] Why Do Doctors Leave The Room While You Change? They're Going To See You Naked Anyway.

[14] Why Is "Bra" Singular And "Panties" Plural?

[15] Why Do Toasters Always Have A Setting That Burns The Toast To A Horrible Crisp, Which No Decent Human Being Would Eat?

[16] If Jimmy Cracks Corn And No One Cares, Why Is There A Stupid Song About Him?

[17] Can A Hearse Carrying A Corpse Drive In The Carpool Lane ?

[18] If The Professor On Gilligan's Island Can Make A Radio Out Of A Coconut, Why Can't He Fix A Hole In A Boat?

[19] Why Does Goofy Stand Erect While Pluto Remains On All Fours? They're Both Dogs!

[20] If Wile E. Coyote Had Enough Money To Buy All That Acme Crap, Why Didn't He Just Buy Dinner?

[21] If Corn Oil Is Made From Corn, And Vegetable Oil Is Made From Vegetables, What Is Baby Oil Made From?

[22] If Electricity Comes From Electrons, Does Morality Come From Morons?

[23] Do The Alphabet Song And Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Have The Same Tune?

[24] Why Did You Just Try Singing The Two Songs Above?

[25] Why Do They Call It An Asteroid When It's Outside The Hemisphere, But Call It A Hemorrhoid When It's In Your Butt?

[26] Did You Ever Notice That When You Blow In A Dog's Face, He Gets Mad At You, But When You Take Him For A Car Ride, He Sticks His Head Out The Window?