Monday, April 13, 2009

AMAZING !!!! DIY - Water Candles..........Amaaaaaaaaaazing

H2O Candles is an innovative and easy-to-use product that lets consumers create vibrant and colorful water candles by simply mixing the products colored powders with water, and adding a small amount of cooking oil for more than 200 hours of smoke-free, drip-free and natural light great for indoor and outdoor decor.

H20 Candles are unique compared to standard candles that drip, smoke and need replacing after only a few hours. Using nearly any glass container, consumers can create a customized and glowing decorative accent that can be refreshed and last for more than 200 hours (thats 20-40 times longer than a standard votive candle! ) . Unlike wax and soy-based candles that melt and can create a fire hazard if tipped over, H20 Candles are 100% liquid and simply extinguish the candles flame in case of an accident. H20 Candles also dont leave a waxy mess from melting, and spills can be cleaned up quickly with soap and water. The result is a simple yet beautiful product for consumers to create a candle for every mood and every room in their home.

How to make H2O Candles:

AMAZING !!!! DIY - Water Candles..........Amaaaaaaaaaazing

They look Beautiful

AMAZING !!!! DIY - Water Candles..........Amaaaaaaaaaazing


Anonymous said...

Where do you get the floater part for the wick?

Anonymous said...

Hurgoll, I tried google search for the terms 'plastic floater wick' and came up with these links.... you might find more.

Plastic Oil Candles with Floating Wicks

Miscellaneous Un Candle PHOTOS on eBay

Hurgoll said...

Cool Thanks, after checking about a dozen sites that pulled up on google for floating wicks and other word combo's I gave up.

Thanks for the time. :) That's what makes a blog worth bookmarking and coming back to see repeatedly.