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Tone that tummy: Tips and Exercises

Tone that tummy

A strong abdomen helps in maintaining a good posture and preventing back problems. Here, we give you some tips to get and maintain that washboard stomach, and look good as well in the process

Tone that tummyThe abdomen is used in all the motions of breathing, sitting, and standing. A strong abdomen helps in maintaining a good posture and preventing back problems. Sitting in a wrong posture in front of a TV or a computer often results in back ailments and the lack of a strong posture often compounds the problem.

The abdomen is formed of four muscle groups and four abdominal muscles form a girdle of support around your torso. They are arranged in such a manner so as to support the lower back. They also work when you flex your spine or arch your back. Aesthetically too, the abdominal workout not only shapes but also tones the body.

Try these

Lower Abdominal Strengthener

While standing, clasp your hands together and place them around your lower abdomen. Now, use the abdominal muscles and pull them up as though you are trying to tuck your abdomen under the rib cage. Hold this posture for about 10 counts and relax. Repeat this exercise about five times and do this three times a day.

Leg Raises

Lie on your back, keeping your leg straight on the floor. Place your hands on both the sides of your body. Now, slowly raise your right leg off the ground at 60-degree angle. Lower the leg towards the ground and repeat the same with the other leg. Initially, start with 8 to 10 repetitions. Slowly increase the repetition as your body gets used to it. This exercise is good for your upper abdomen and your back too.

Reverse Curls

Lie flat on your back. Extend your legs above your hips. Keep your ankles crossed. Hands should be placed behind your head. Take two counts to contract your abs and two counts to lift your pelvis slightly off the floor, curl your tailbone off the floor. Then, take two counts to lower towards the ground. This is good for your lower abdomen.


  • Perform the exercises very slowly
  • Feel the muscles of the abdomen while exercising
  • Contract the abdominal muscles to produce more tension. Hold each contraction for two counts and squeeze it to feel the intensity
  • Incorporate this workout with your daily routine
  • Even when walking the areas exercised are your legs, arms, and your cardiovascular system. This might help you to reduce your weight but it does not help you to shape and tone your body
  • Remember there is no such thing as spot reduction or true isolation. When you exercise one part of the body, you are automatically using some other part of the body. Indirectly, the exercises help your back and legs to some extent apart from exercising your abdomen
  • Practice these exercises regularly and you will soon reap benefits of these marvelous exercises


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