Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eye Do: Yoga expert teaches you some easy-to-do eye exercises

Eye Do

Do you spend your entire day staring at the computer? Or are you addicted to just about every soap on television? Either way, you're definitely straining your eyes. And it takes more than just a diet rich in Vitamin A to keep those peepers strong. Prameet Kotak, yoga expert and proprietor of RAPTfx (Remedial Approach Personal Training-Enhancing performance through fitness) teaches you some easy-to-do eye exercises.

Warm up
Just like a regular workout, eye exercises also begin with a warm up. Rub your palms against each other. Next, shut your eyes and cover them with your palms. Make sure no light reaches the eye. Hold this position for seven to eight seconds. Perform five sets.

Step 1
Shut your eyes and massage the eyelids in circular motion. Make sure you don't apply too much pressure. Gently rub your fingertips on the eyelids for two to three minutes.

Step 2

Roll your eyes up and down, 10 times. Next, roll your eyes clock-wise and anti-clock wise alternately. Perform five sets.

Step 3
Look at tip of nose and the centre of your eyebrows. Alternate between both these points for a total of 10 sets.

Step 4
Take a ruler and make a tiny dot on it with a sketch pen. Hold it at an arm's length in front of you. Now concentrate on the pen mark for five seconds and immediately concentrate your vision on a far away spot. Bring your focus back to the dot. Repeat this upto seven times.

Step 5
Sit in front of a blank wall and get creative by simply making designs on that wall by using only your eyes. Try drawing geometrical figures, letters, numbers etc. Don't move your neck. Try and perform this exercise for one minute.

Step 6
Lightly press the spot on the base of your eyebrows, just above the nose. Trace the eye-sockets till you come full circle. Do this for four minutes.

Cool down

End your workout with a meditative technique. Light a candle and place it at eye-level, at a distance where you can focus on the flame comfortably. Stare at the flame till your eyes begin to water. Fight the urge to blink and shut your eyes only when you can't keep them open any longer.

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