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9 Things Bosses Don’t Like - By Iyer Subramanian

Things Bosses Don't Like

We just go to work, do our job in a routine fashion without ever knowing what our boss wants. We seem to work hard, put in our best and feel that we have been performing extremely well at work. Our performance at work will be judged by bosses to whom we report and this where most of the people falter. When we report for duties we need to be smart and sharp enough to understand the things bosses don't like. If we refrain from those actions and try to deliberately work to minimize on those complaints, we are bound to take our career to great heights. Here are their top complaints:

1. Procrastinating instead of acting on things. Do-it-later tendencies are a major source of delays, frustration and problem of others. It is a disease which needs to be weeded out.

2. Passing the buck. Many of us are unwilling to accept responsibility, make decisions, or admit it when we make mistakes. Act responsibly, take decision boldly and improve upon your mistakes as you trudge along.

3. Claiming to know how to do something and then messing it up. Jobs are often more complicated than they seem. Many of us charge right in without bothering to check carefully. We would well to remember, "When all else fails, read the instructions."

4. Doing the absolute minimum expected instead of doing the little extra needed to excel. The result is mediocrity for the worker, the department, and the entire firm.

5. Delivering sloppy or unfinished work. It takes extra time and effort to correct deficiencies. When work is late everyone down the line feels the pressure.

6. Regularly going over the boss' head. We may win an occasional battle, but we almost always lose the war.

7. Trying to work beyond our abilities. We all have limitations and it helps if we know where they are.

8. Constantly engaging in personal conversation, vicious gossiping, and idle socializing. This one is a bit of a dilemma. Personal conversations and socializing are the grease that keeps the organization working smoothly. The key is balance; striving to keep these things within reasonable limits.

9. Laziness. The willingness to work hard remains one of the key ingredients for success.

In other words, Attacking the jobs immediately with responsibility, taking decisions regularly, approaching the tasks step by step without messing it up, performing and carrying out duties diligently in terms of quality & quantity, correcting the deficiencies from time to time as we forge ahead, stretching ourselves well beyond our limitations, reporting to the boss with solutions / answers, remaining professional by limiting our conversations to work, willing to work when the chips are down are the hallmarks of excellent employee.

Following the above said principles passionately at work will not only make the boss like us but will also make us indispensable. BEFORE I COMPLETE I WOULD LIKE TO QUOTE A SENTENCE WHICH ROBIN SHARMA HAS WRITTEN IN HIS BOOK CALLED 'THE GREATNESS GUIDE'.

"Become so knowledgeable, competent and brilliant at what you do that this firm can't run without you."

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