Thursday, February 19, 2009

Smile pls..

Nice for a smile... Smile pls..

A Priest dies & is awaiting his turn in line at the Heaven's Gates. Ahead of him is a guy, nattily dressed, in dark sun glasses, a loud shirt, leather jacket & jeans.

Lord Dharamraj asks him: Please tell me who are you, so that I may know whether to admit you into the kingdom of Heaven or not ?

The guy replies: I am Banta Singh, taxi driver from New Delhi !

Lord Dharamraj consults his ledger (Bahi khaata), smiles & says to Banta Singh: Please take this silken robe & golden staff & enter the Kingdom of Heaven .

Now it is the priest's turn. He stands erect and speaks out in a booming voice: I am Sant Shiromani Baba so & so 1008, Head Priest of the so & so Temple for the last 40 years.

Lord Dharamraj consults his ledger & says to the Priest: Please take this cotton robe & wooden staff & enter the Kingdom of Heaven .

"Just a minute," says the agonized Priest. How is that a foul mouthed, rash driving Taxi Driver is given a Silken robe & a Golden staff, and me, a Priest , who's spent his whole life preaching your Name & goodness has to make do with a Cotton robe & a Wooden staff ?

"Results my friend, results," shrugs Lord Dharamraj.
While you preached, people SLEPT; but when he drove his taxi, people PRAYED.

Moral of the story: Its PERFORMANCE & not POSITION that ultimately counts.


Asif A. Shaikh

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