Sunday, February 22, 2009

List of Job Cuts in Indian Companies last week

i've just listed out the economic times news about the lay offs in corporate...

Sapient lays off 300 employees in India
14 Feb 2009, 2205 hrs IST

Software firm Sapient has laid off 300 employees at its offices in Bangalore, Noida and Gurgaon as a result of the global economic downturn.

400 employees quit Maytas in 2 months
13 Feb 2009, 0945 hrs IST, Sai Deepika Amirapu & Sreekala Nair

Over 400 employees are believed to have quit the co in the past 2 months, following theSatyam-Maytasaborted deal in Dec.Job-cuts: A blessing in disguise

Apollo Tyres plans laying-off 1.5K contractual & casual labourers
12 Feb 2009, 1551 hrs IST, Pramugdha

Apollo Tyres on Thursday said it plans to layoff about 1,500 contractual and casual labourers in the wake of economic slowdown. But, the company has no plans to cut production of tyres in the near future.

ArcelorMittal reports huge quarterly loss, job cuts
11 Feb 2009, 1605 hrs IST

ArcelorMittal steel reported a huge loss in the last quarter of 2008, and announced that job cuts could exceed a planned total of 9,000.

Royal Bank of Scotland to axe 2,000 jobs: Report
10 Feb 2009, 2113 hrs IST

Royal Bank of Scotland, which is majority-owned by the British government, is about to announce plans to cut 2,000 jobs after forecasting a record annual loss for 2008, BBC television reported on Tuesday.

General Motors to cut 10,000 salaried jobs
10 Feb 2009, 1951 hrs IST

The pay of US executive employees will be cut by 10%, while other salaried workers will see cuts of 3% to 7%.GM's all-time top sellers|100 years of GM

KV Pharma to cut 700 jobs
9 Feb 2009, 2041 hrs IST

KV Pharmaceutical Co, which stopped making and selling all its products last month, said it would cut about 700 jobs.

Nissan to slash 20,000 jobs, projects annual loss
9 Feb 2009, 1905 hrs IST

Nissan has been battered by the global slump, which has undermined sales in its vital North American market.Job-cuts: A blessing in disguise

Jet Airways to ease out excess foreign pilots
9 Feb 2009, 1525 hrs IST

The decision about the foreign pilots comes on the back of Indian counterparts demanding removal of expat pilots from the airline.Coming to terms with lay-off

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