Monday, February 23, 2009

Kila Raipur.....The Rural Olympics

The spirit of Punjab lives on. From 12th Feb the Kila Raipur Games will start at Grewal Stadium in Ludhiana, Punjab. These games are held in true Punjabi spirit. The Olympic torch can be gauged by flags of different countries fluttering in the race track or atop the structures of the Grewal Sports Stadium. And to give it still another international angle, kabaddi and kho-kho teams from Canada also participate. Every kutcha and pucca road leads to the Grewal Stadium during the three days of the Kila Raipur games. The rural folk come in tractor trailers, bullock-carts, jeeps, trucks, cars, scooters and cycles..... Kila Raipur.....The Rural Olympics


Bullock Cart Race


One on Two

Any Takers

Tooth Power

Reaching Heights

..There are no shortcuts to any place worth going ;-)

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