Sunday, February 22, 2009

In the game of life, before you can get anything out, you must put something in

Several years ago two friends, Bernard Haygood and Jimmy Glenn, were driving in the South Alabama foothills on a hot August day. They were thirsty, so Bernard pulled behind an old abandoned farmhouse with a water pump in the yard. He hopped out of the car, ran over to the pump, grabbed the handle and started pumping. After a moment or two of pumping, Bernard pointed to an old bucket and suggested to Jimmy that he get the bucket and dip some water out of a nearby stream in order to "prime" the pump. As all pumpers know, you must put a little waterin the top of the pump to "prime" the pump and get the flow of water started.

In the game of life, before you can get anything outyou must put something in.Unfortunately, there are many people who stand in front of the stove of life and say, "Stove, give me some heat and then I'll put some wood in you."

Many times the secretary comes to the boss and says, "Give me a raise and then I'll start doing better work and being more conscientious." Often the salesman goes to the boss and says, "Make me the sales manager and I'll really show you what I can do. It's true I haven't done much until now, but I need to be in charge in order to do my best work. So just make me the boss and then watch me go." Many times the student says to the teacher, "If I take a bad grade home for this semester my folks will really lay it on me. So Teacher, if you will just give me a good grade this quarter, I promise I'll study real hard next quarter." My experience has been that it doesn't work that way. If it did, I could easily imagine a farmer praying, "Lord, if you will just give me a cropthisyear, I promise to plant the seed and work hardnextyear." What they are really saying is, "Reward me and then I'll produce." But life doesn't work that way. You must first put something into life before you can expect to get anything out of it. Now, if you'll just transfer this knowledge to the rest of your life, you can solve many of your problems.

The farmer must plant his seed in the spring or summer before he reaps the harvest in the fall. He also "puts in" lots of work before the crop reaches the harvest stage. The student puts in hundreds of hours of work before he acquires the knowledge and the graduation certificate. The secretary of today who is the office manager of tomorrow puts a considerable amount of extra into her job. The athlete of today who becomes a champion of tomorrow "puts in" a great deal of himself in the form of sweat and effort before he reaps the champion's reward. The junior executive of today who becomes the corporate president of tomorrow is that individual who put himself into the job. The salesman of today who becomes the sales manager of tomorrow is the person who understands the principle of priming the pump. When you put something "in," the law of compensation says you'll get something "out."



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