Friday, February 6, 2009

The Donkey Is On Leave

The Donkey Is On Leave

During the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD), there was an able court music master by the name Hu Zan.

He liked playing Weiqi (a type of board game) and would usually go to his friend's house for the whole day to play.

Usually, before he even got down from his donkey, his friend would instruct the servant to quickly lead Hu Zan's donkey to the backyard to feed.

Hu Zan was very touched by the friend's kind gesture.

At the evening, when Hu Zan wanted to return home, the servant would then bring the donkey to the front door.

One day, when Hu Zan was playing the game halfway, he received an instruction from the palace to quickly go and prepare for a musical performance.

He asked for the donkey, and when it was brought to him, the donkey was sweating and panting.

It had been put to labor work while Hu Zan was playing the game!

Hu Zan realised that his donkey has been working hard for his friend all those whiles.

Next day, Hu Zan went to his friend's house again.

The host quickly instructed the servant to 'feed' the donkey again.

"No need! I didn't ride that beast today," Hu Zan said quickly.

"Oh, why?" asked his friend.

"Since yesterday, the donkey had been sick. It has headache and vomit a lot, and didn't feel like moving at all. So, it's on leave today!" Hu Zan explained.

The friend realised that Hu Zan had discovered his little 'cleverness' and felt embarrassed, yet in the same time, because of Hu Zan's humor, he laughed.

Lesson To Be Learned:

Friends are meant to be sincere and truthful. Yet, the friend here took advantage of Hu Zan's donkey while pretending to treat it well.

Therefore, if we are really in need of help from friend, ask. Don't take advantage of our friend's resources behind their back!

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