Monday, February 9, 2009

20 Major Obstacles for Financial Freedom

20 Major Obstacles for Financial Freedom.

1. Indebtedness

2. Low wages

3. Financial illiteracy

4. Bad family relationship

5. Lack of sound personal financial management principle

6. Poor spending habits

7. Lack of clear financial goals

8. Credit card dependency

9. Poor knowledge of the numbers game when comes to money

10. Your money is working for others

11. Fear of taking investment risk

12. Play ultra-safe when comes to money matters.

13. No financial budget to follow

14. Bad spending habits, expenses exceed our income

15. Lack of patience in accumulation of wealth

16. Constantly looking for financial independence short-cuts

17. Setting financial goals which are not time-bound

18. No plan to follow

19. Not knowing how to chose your mentor when it comes to money matters

20. Waiting for tomorrow

Take a few minutes and go thru this list once more.
Identify any such trait which you may have have.
Take a vow to overcome this.

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