Monday, January 19, 2009

Use your Senses to Keep the Flames Burning in your Love-life

It's an individual choice how you choose to decorate your bedroom but what's important here is to place care and

Senses Work

Keep the flames burning in your love-life (Getty images)

attention on the location. Stuff like candles, silky bedding and lots of pillows and even hot lingerie can do wonders.

Expert view : This may not be possible all the time but can be reserved for those special occasions where one wants to feel and act different. Using rose petals and pillows as props can surely add to the fun!

Aromatics and fragrances are the best mood setters however most of couples won't know how to make the most of it. Aromatics can work for you or against you, so make sure that you know which scents your partner enjoys. Scented candles incense or scented massage oil can excite your partner.

Expert view : Some smells/fragrances make you feel calm and relaxed and this contributes to one's state of mind while making love. A massage certainly tends to loosen you up and soothes your senses.

Believe it or not, but food can be powerful aphrodisiacs. Try strawberries with whipped cream, grapes or edible lotions, chocolate syrups or honey.

Expert view : It is understood that aphrodisiacs tend to increase one's libido, desire for love and set the right mood. Some would even reduce one's usual inhibitions and make you more comfortable, aroused and stimulated.

Apart from whispering in ears and listening to your body while making love, other sounds and noises can also do the magic. Let your partner listen to an erotic story in the background pre-recorded in your voice or a romantic piece of music that fits the overall mood you are going for.

Expert view : The kind of noise, nature and type would be important, as a loud, disturbing, croaky cacophonous noise is definitely a turn off. However, some soothing, romantic music can surely get you in the naughty mood.

This happens to be the most erotic senses of all. You can add that extra sensation to this sense with silky bedding, lingerie, or even with oil massage. You may also try building up the mood with ice cube, feather, something furry or a rose bud.

Expert view : The entire human body is an erogenous zone - the neck, shoulders, arms, ear, lips...the list goes on and on! Exploring this zone and stroking it gently can certainly get your partner feel horny and increasingly passionate.


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