Monday, January 26, 2009

Five rules of winning the love and trust of a woman...

A woman is perhaps the most beautiful creation of God, it is said. She is soft, sensitive and seductive but at the same time, plays hard to be seduced! To decode a woman's expressions and sighs are probably the toughest job for a man to do. Seducing her is an art, which has to be learnt. Overpowering her is altogether a different issue but winning her heart and in turn her body requires skill. A bit of Vatsaayan, a bit of Sigmund Freud and a bit of Isaac Newton may do the trick.
Here is a formula, which is a sure shot way to seduce a woman:
1)First Rule: Make her feel safe, connected and relaxed. Only then she will open up to you. The reality is that there is hardly a greater turn-on for women than knowing they are being listened to and truly understood. It is a tried and tested rule: pay attention to your lover's wants, thoughts and feelings and you have tapped into one of the greatest seduction secrets.
2)Second Rule: Never ever force her. Show her that you desperately want her but only if she is willing, otherwise of course you can wait! (Even if you hate doing so). Remember that the mind is the most powerful love making organ of all. Secondly, forcing a woman to be around people she despises is a sure way to roll up the physical red carpet. Thus, chose your company wisely.
3)Third Rule:Set the mood by pleasing her. Surprise her with flowers. However cliché it sounds it works every time. Rent the movie she has been wishing to see (even if you have seen it). Pick up the red wine she favours (even if you prefer beer). Get her the music CD of her favourite artiste and play it for her (Even if you hate that music).
4)Fourth Rule: Slow down. This is one of the greatest secrets of love-making. Remember whatever you are doing will be better at half the speed. This is the thumb rule for enhancing pleasure and love. Check out the magic of foreplay and you will know how patience pays!
5)Fifth Rule:Combine Love and spirituality. Love making comprises of practical, philosophical, physical and metaphysical possibilities. It is as much about the spiritual side of love as it is about exploring new erotic possibilities.