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Beauty Tips for Men: Hair, Skin, Grooming,




A lot men are bashful when it comes to beauty, often because they'd prefer to be rugged, masculine or handsome, anything but beautiful! Thankfully w hi guyzz have som funith a wealth of new men's health and personal care products on the market looking your very best is easier than ever before. Take care of yourself properly and - clich� though it may be - your natural beauty will be shining through in no time!Most men will not admit to needing beauty tips but deep down some men are just as insecure about their looks as women are. Men freak out at the sign of gray hair as much as women do, the best way To years off the way you look is to get rid of gray hair.

Keeping a he hi guyzz have som funalthy blood flow to the scalp stimulates hair growth. Keeping your hair and scalp clean will increase the circulation which will in turn increase the growth of thicker, healthier hair. Many shampoos leave residues that clog the pores of the scalp or irritate the scalp. Look for a shampoo that does not leave a residue. Another clogging culprit is dyhydotestosterone (DHT). DHT is the genetic culprit of male pattern baldness. This substance restricts blood flow to the hair follicle and the restricted blood flow causes hair to fall out. Finding a shampoo that can remove dyhydotestosterone can reduce or slow down hair loss

  • A shampoo for your hair type - thin, thick, coloured, dry, oily or normal.
  • Daily shampoing to clean your hair
  • Conditioner to leave your hair shiny, healthy and smooth
  • A comb to help navigate your tangles
  • Gel or another styling product to help hold your preferred style

HAIR DYES:If your hair is turning grey and you've decided that your look decidedly old rather than distinguishingly mature, you may want to return to your former colour. Using a ha hi guyzz have som funir dye could be the solution. Hair dyes, whether for men or women, are available as permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary colour products. Permanent hair dyes, the most popular choice, come in two categories: oxidation and progressive
Oxidation hair dyes consist of dye intermediates and preformed dyes in an ammonia solution that also contains soap, detergents, and conditioning agents; and hydrogen peroxide in water or a cream lotion. The ammonia dye solution and hydrogen peroxide solution are mixed shortly before application. The applied mixture causes hair to swell, whereupon the dye intermediates and preformed dyes penetrate the hair shaft, chemically react with each other and the hydrogen peroxide, and dye the hair .

hi guyzz have som funThe teenage years are a traumatic time for your skin. Hormonal changes, excess oil production, sweat and air and water pollution all contribute to spots. A lot of times these breakouts aren't restricted to your face, but can even pop up on your shoulders, back and bum!
7 Tips For Men On How To Deal With Their Acne:
Many people believe that boy's puberty and acne should not be seen as a problem but boys might disagree. Acne can have an affect on the confidence of the young man and makes this transitional time harder to live with. Boys, puberty and acne can be controlled if you know what to do. When the boy starts showing signs of acne you can try changing his diet. Some folks agree that eating greasy foods or foods that contain chocolate may add to the problem of boys, puberty and acne. Although most experts disagree with this acne myth.It is important for the boy to keep his face clean. There are many products on the market that can be used for cleansing if acne is a problem. Boys during puberty may find these products to be helpful. Sometimes puberty and stress can combine to make acne even worse. Find the causes of stress and work on reducing or eliminating it. The acne itself can lead to stress and then you have a vicious cycle. A boy during puberty does not need the added stress of acne. When you are dealing with boys during puberty it is helpful to know some things about acne. Here are some tips about boys during puberty who are experiencing acne.

hi guyzz have som funAcne tip #1: Take the condition seriously. Acne outbreaks may not seem like a big deal to you but they may be a big deal to a boy during puberty.
Acne tip #2: Suggest a gentle skin cleaning regimen rather than severe scrubbing with harsh cleaners. A mild cleanser that can be used twice a day is all that is needed.
Acne tip #3: Ask a doctor or dermatologist for skin car advice. A health care professional will be able to guide you as far as a good cleaning program.
Acne tip #4:It is not a good idea to squeeze or pick at blemishes. This practice only makes the acne worse, and makes the scars last longer.
Acne tip #5:Try using acne skin care products that do not promote blemishes. There are skin care products that are labelled as non-comedogenic that should not clog pores.
Acne tip #6: If the boy is shaving try using different types of razors. Sometimes an electric razor is the best but for other boys a safety razor will be more comfortable.
Acne tip #7: If the acne is severe you may need a dermatologist to prescribe a medication for the boy during puberty. Sometimes a prescription is necessary to lessen the affects of the acne.
Boys during puberty need a lot of support and understanding. Discovering the best way to combat an acne condition will help a teenager during puberty so that he can deal with all the other changes that he is going through
MEN'S SKIN MAINTAINENCE: hi guyzz have som fun
These steps should be kept iin view for men's skin maintainence

1)Cleansing 2) Toning 3) Enhanching 4) Protection

hi guyzz have som funMen's Grooming Forties Plus:It's an unfortunate reality for men, but they gene hi guyzz have som funrally start noticing hair begins to sprout from their ears and nose as they age, and the chances of them emerging and multiplying increase as you get older.. Remember, your ear and nose hair has always been there, it has only changed its growth pattern over time as a result of hormonal changes in your body.The best way to deal with it is to get your self a good quality hair trimmer. Hair trimmers work in two different ways. Some trimmers feature a rotating blade that spins in one continuous direction, while other trimmers work with an oscillating blade that rotates from left to right. Both types work extremely well.
Keeping Your Teeth White:Everyone likes a brilliant smile. Teeth can become hi guyzz have som funstained for a number of reasons, the most common being consumption of coffee, tea, berries, fruit juices, smoking, and aging. Here are the most common teeth whitening procedures:

Bleaching:Bleaching is done with custom-fitted mouth trays and bleac hi guyzz have som funhing gel. The most common active ingredient in tooth bleaching gel is 10% car amide peroxide, which breaks down into 3% hydrogen peroxide when dispensed. First, your dentist will make impressions of your teeth and create custom mouth guard trays for your mouth. To protect your sensitive gum tissue, (s)he will leave a slight space between the tray and your gums when forming the tray. You'll then be instructed on proper use of the mouth guards and bleaching gel. You'll probably be told to squeeze a thin line of the gel into the mouth guards and wear them for several hours nightly, or even overnight (not to exceed eight hours). You must be consistent in using the gel-apply it nightly usually one to two weeks, without skipping any days. The dentist will compare your teeth with a shade guide, and will probably ask to see you again in a week in order to monitor your progress. The most common side effect associated with bleaching is tooth sensitivity. However, it's generally mild and temporary, usually only lasting as long as the duration of the bleaching procedure.

Lip Care:L hi guyzz have som funip Care Your lips have fewer than half the cellular layers of the rest of your face, and no sebaceous glands to provide protective body oils. A good lip balm will preserve this delicate skin. There are many gender-neutral versions out there, and some specifically made fro men. Look for natural ingredients like shear butter, vitamin A, jojoba and avocado oil.


hi guyzz have som fun
Shaving Tips:
It's best to avoid shaving the very first thing in the morning. If possible, let your skin wake up a while. This allows any puffiness from fluids collecting in your skin during the night to recede. Then you will be able to get a closer shave.
Use an exfoliate such as a facial cleanser or mild scrub to eradicate dead hi guyzz have som funskin cells and open up the pores of your skin to prepare it for a close shave.
Stubble should be wet with warm or hot water before shaving. This makes the hair shaft swell and allows the blade to cut the hair closely without cutting your skin.
Thoroughly massage shaving cream into stubble. A vitamin and Aloe Vera based shaving cream or gel will provide a close, soothing shave and protect against razor rashes and burns.
Use a sharp blade. A dull blade is responsible for many shaving cuts as it drags over your face and catches your skin along with the hairs of your beard.
Rinse the blade often in hot water when shaving and use slow short strokes. Don't rush.
Always shave in the direction that your hair grows on your face. Shaving against the grain can cause redness, rashes, razor burn and ingrown hairs. After shaving, apply an oil-free moisturiser to soothe and protect the face.. If you prefer an after-shave, check the label for alcoho
Avoiding razor burn:
hi guyzz have som fun

  • Prep your skin before shaving by using a face scrub to exfoliate and help lift the hairs from under your skin.
  • Liberally wet your face and apply shaving cream. Wait 2-3 minutes before shaving. The use of a shaving cream that contains vitamins and Aloe Vera is preferable over brands which may contain skin irritants such as sodium laurel sulphate.
  • Use a high quality razor and change the blade often. Dull blades are often the cause of skin irritations and shaving nicks.
  • Shave in the direction the hair grows on your face.
  • Do not pick at the bumps, as this tends to make them worse.
  • If possible, take the weekend off from shaving to give the irritation time to improve.

Looking After Your Teeth: hi guyzz have som fun

  • Finding a toothbrush shaped to fit your mouth.
  • Toothpaste in a flavour you like.
  • Antiseptic and anti-plaque mouthwash.
  • Dental floss to pass between your teeth and dislodge debris.
  • Using all three of these products in combination after every meal.
  • Visiting your dentist for regular check-ups and cleaning.

Looking After the Rest:
There's so much more to looking fantastic, but so little time! Carve out a few extra minutes to:

hi guyzz have som fun

  • Apply deodorant and/or antiperspirant liberally each morning.
  • Pluck any stray hairs between your eyebrows.
  • Trim any nose or ear hairs that you can see.
  • Use sunscreen every day, even if it is cloudy or rainy outside.
  • Buy a small lip balm to treat chapped lips.
  • Splurge on cologne for an extra boost.
  • Looking good shouldn't be hard work. As soon as you get into a daily routine of looking after your skin, teeth and hair you should start to see results. But, even if you morph into a male model overnight, remember that beauty is only skin deep. Strive to look your best and be yourself.

Quick Grooming Tips :� hi guyzz have som fun

  • If you don't iron your clothes, remove them immediately from the dryer so wrinkles don't set.
  • �In hot weather, wear light-colored, cotton clothing and socks. This will absorb less heat and "sweat stains" will be less visible.
  • �Consider trimming your arm pit hairs in warm weather. Less hair, less bacteria, less smell. Think about it.
  • �Don't be reluctant to trim or tweeze any stray eyebrow hairs.
  • �Good dental hygiene means a dazzling smile.
  • �Open your eyes. If hair is the frame for your face, the eyes are the windows. Use eye drops to whiten the whites of your eyes for a fresher, younger look.

Men's Spas and Grooming Parlours:
Different spas hi guyzz have som funoffer various massage techniques including Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu, many also offer acupressure and reflexology. One of the newest and most relaxing techniques now available is LaStone or hot stone massage therapy, during the course of which the therapist uses warmed river rocks to stimulate circulation and ease tension in your body.

Body Wrap
A body wrap is both invigorating and excellent for removing toxins from the skin.
hi guyzz have som funHerbal body wraps can also detoxify fat cells, soften and tone skin, reduce or remove skin blemishes, smooth the appearance of cellulite and some even claim to be able to reduce your body fat, removing several inches from your body.
Sugar Scrub
A brown sugar scrub not only exfoliates your skin but completely invigorates your whole body. Many sugar scrubs contain a combination of lemon and ginger to stimulate your metabolism. A 30 minute sugar scrub followed by a refreshing shower can leave you feeling like a new man.

The face is firs hi guyzz have som funt cleansed to remove any external debris or pollutants usually using a mild foaming wash. The skin is then exfoliated to remove any dead surface skin cells and to soften and smooth the skin. Next an extraction mud will be applied to draw out any impurities from the pores. This will be left on the skin for a few minutes and then rinsed off. Finally a moisturising and re hydrating lotion will be applied.

Manicure/Pedicure :
Nails are cleaned and trimmed and rough edges are filed smooth. Cuticles are pushed back and sometimes a clear nail polish is applied.
hi guyzz have som funSome male spas and grooming parlours offer an herbal or aromatherapy bath as part of their treatment. It is a great way to relax as well as allow the herbs or essential oils to do their healing.


  • Stop smoking, drinking or using drugs immediately. All of these actions wreak havoc on your body and stand in the way of your fitness goals.
  • Exercise should involve an aerobic or cardiovascular workout, weight training and stretching to avoid injuries and increase flexibility.
  • Keeping an exercise journal will give you motivation and help you track your progress.
  • Joining a health club, leisure centre or gym will allow you to become a part of a supportive community and explore options and classes.
  • An exercise or fitness video is a great way to try new activities in the privacy of your own home.
  • Building up a home gym with free weights and a skipping rope will help you exercise even when it is too cold or rainy to go outside.
  • You'll be more likely to continue exercising if you like the activity. Take into account your personality and the reason why you are exercising when selecting your activities. For example:
  • If you are outgoing and looking for new friends, consider a team sport.
  • If you are serious about relaxing, check out yoga classes.
  • If you are goal orientated and competitive, think about running or swimming.
  • Trim for at least eight hours of sleep per night to help your body recover from all of this new activity.

Nothing looks worse than jeans teamed with a pair of overly formal shoes - so unless you enjoy the tweed-and-waistcoat young foggy look, avoid wearing br hi guyzz have som funogues or Oxfords with your denims and save your smart shoes for wearing with other types of trouser.
As long as you�re sh oes aren't filthy, full of holes or incongruous with the rest of your outfit, style is really up to you. Don't shy away from wearing trainers or workman's boots because you think it looks too casual - if they work well with your other clothes, put them on.
Some restaurants, bars and clubs still operate a 'no trainers' policy on busy nights, however, so do use your common sense if you know you'll be going somewhere that might require you to have 'proper' footwear.
Even if you're convinced that personality and conversation are more important than looks, don't forget the old rule that only ten per cent of communication is done through the mouth. Your appearance will speak as loudly as your words about the kind of person you are - so make sure it doesn't say anything offensive.

Preventing Foot Odor:
Fortunately there are some simple measures you can take to prevent foot odour:
Bathe your feet daily in lukewarm water, using a mild soap. Dry thoroughly.
hi guyzz have som funChange your socks and shoes at least once a day.
Dust your feet frequently with a non-medicated baby powder or foot powder. Applying antibacterial ointment also may help.
Check for fungal infections between your toes and on the bottoms of your feet. If you spot redness or dry, patchy skin, get treatment right away.
Wear thick, soft socks to help draw moisture away from the feet. Cotton and other absorbent materials are best.
Avoid wearing nylon socks or plastic shoes. Instead, wear shoes made of leather, canvas, mesh or other materials that let your feet breathe.
Don't wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. If you frequently wear athletic shoes, alternate pairs so that the shoes can dry out. Give your shoes at least 24 hours to air out between each wearing; if the odour doesn't go away, discard the shoes.
Always wear socks with closed shoes.




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