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Your nail polish may not be as safe as you think!

Your nail polish may not be as safe as you think!

Your nail polish may not be as safe as you think! (Repost)

Looking beautiful is what all women desire. Either for the gorgeous looks they visit salons or may end up doing simple things at home. When it comes to getting nails done mostly women end up in putting a coat of nail polish to beautify them. Undoubtedly the painted nails with shiny rings look great. But have you ever realized that the nail polishes, which we use, have certain chemical compounds that are a bigger risk to health than toxic chemicals. Strange, but is very true!

Facts say that from 10,000 different chemicals that are used in nail care some nine per cent have never been tested for safety. According to Rick Smith from Environmental Defense:

"Some of the toxic chemicals we're talking about are things like toluene, which accounts for 70 per cent of some nail polish brands."

It's not just toluene that is a chemical for concern, as other chemicals like phthalates (can disturb hormones) and formalin (higher doses are said to cause cancer) are equivalently present in polishes and may causes health concern. Though some companies like OPI (The World Leader in Professional Nail Care) have already awakened and stopped using these chemicals.

Getting manicure and using fake nails is also a major concern as these too have harmful chemicals in them.

In case if you still wish to color your nails and also stay away from these harmful chemicals than better start using water-based nail polishes as they are chemical-free.

Below are some of the most common items that we have in our bathroom, especially nail polish, and their possible side-effects:

Acetone - causes central nervous system depression

Ethyl methacrylate - linked to eye, skin and respiratory tract irritation

Benzene - has been associated with an increased risk for developing AML leukemia.

Formalin (usage has been stopped by many international brands) - may cause asthma-like respiratory problems and cancer in high or prolonged doses

Toluene (usage has been stopped by many international brands) - a solvent which can cause dizziness, headaches and liver and kidney damage

Dibutyl phthalate: (usage has been stopped by many international brands) - linked to eye and upper respiratory system irritation and may be poisonous to the reproductive system

Methylene chloride - breathing of large amounts may cause feelings of unsteadiness, dizziness, nausea. Skin contact with methylene chloride causes burning and redness.

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