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Causes of Teenage drinking


The teenage years are a period of mixed thoughts and emotions. This is the time when young teens learn to form their thoughts and opinions. This is also the time when teenagers tend to be under heavy influence from others. The teenage years can thus be recalled as one of the most difficult periods for parents to handle as well. Reports have revealed that teenage drinking is one of the major problems being faced amongst others. Apart from teenage drinking, smoking and drunken driving is also a major issue. So, what causes young teens to go this path? Nobody ever plans deliberately to go this way. So, what are the causes of teenage drinking? Why do young teens choose this direction? Let's have a look at some of the causes of teenage drinking.

Causes of Teenage Drinking:

Influence caused by alcoholic parents:

One of the common reasons why teenagers drink is because they have watched their parents rely on the bottle. During a child's growing up years, the behavior of parents towards their children has a considerable effect on their mind. During their teenage years, such disturbed children tend to resort to drinking as a way of escapism. Teens believe if their parents can have it, so can they!

It's considered to be cool!

Teenagers often opt for drinking when they belong to a particular group in high school where many other teens often drink and party. Not following the same pattern may result in the particular youngster being shunned from the group or considered as a not-so-cool person. With everyone around them opting for alcoholic drinks, certain teens may resort to the habit as matter of being 'in' with the group. Drinking therefore is considered to be a status symbol and teens are hardly aware when such a practice soon turns into a habit.


Teenage alcoholism is also a means of escapism for many. It could be simply because a young teen is tired of his/her studies or wants to try something new. The high that is felt after drinking causes their senses to blur. This in turn leads to a temporary state of 'bliss'. Many youngsters therefore consider drinking as a means of escapism.

Problems in love life:

When faced with problems in relationships, one often tends to feel demoralized. Many times, such issues cause youngsters to drink away to forget their worries. Probably this is considered as a temporary act to forget the effects of break ups. However, none of these young teens realize this is definitely not a way to solve problems.

Addiction towards drinking:

One of the causes of teenage drinking is that it soon becomes an addiction without youngsters realizing the negative effects. A habit that begins from weekends may soon become daily and before one realizes, drinking soon turns into an addiction. These are the years when the mind tends to get influenced with particular thoughts and actions.

Advice for parents:

Parents need to keep a check on their teens to know about any different behavior patterns amongst their children. Parents also need to be aware they need to be sensitive and more communicative with their children so that youngsters do not resort to these means. This would probably help youngsters from going this path. With some love and attention, we can surely help teens get a grip on themselves and have a brighter future. -


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