Monday, December 29, 2008

Mungeri Lal

Mungerilal, who was
very thin and short, was standing at the bus stop.

Suddenly a car stops
and a beautiful girl waves her hand calling him by his name and asks him to sit
in her car.

Mungerilal was surprised but recognized her.

She was
Jasmine, an old batch-mate but he didn't know why she was calling him (because
she never gave him any "lift" in the college).

Anyhow he sat in the car
and Jasmine gave him a warm welcome (kaise ho, kya kar rahe ho etc).

she said, "Why don't we have coffee together".

By now Mungerilal was even
more surprised.

He thought "Coffee with Jasmine? (An old dream...coming
true) WOW!!" and he gave his consent.

At the cafe,all of a sudden Jasmine
says "Lets go to my house, there are a lot of people here".

Mungerilal is
on cloud nine "Ab to mazaa aa jayega".

When they reach home she asks him
"Why don't we sit in my bedroom, you can turn on the AC".

Mungerilal was
thinking to himself 'Jasmine phas gai hai' and he starts dreaming about

When he enters the bedroom, Jasmine says "Why don't you take off
your shirt, you are sweating".

Mungerilal is now 100% sure of the outcome
of this meeting and again starts dreaming.

Jasmine says, "Be comfortable
and I will be back in a minute".

Mungerilal is alone in the room with his
bare matchstick like body and thinking about Jasmine and @#$! %^.

five minutes Jasmine enters the room, -------

. Scroll down

2 children and says "Dekho bacchon agar Horlicks nahin piyoge to
body iske
jaise ho jayegi"

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