Sunday, December 21, 2008

John Abraham helps the homeless

Inside his perfectly toned killer physique that inspires countless number of youngsters to look after their body more and makes girls to scream with exhilaration whenever the hunk appears on the screen, there is a great mind that sincerely cares and aggravate him to do whatever possible to give a helping hand to the less fortunate.

Due to this call of his mind, John has been associated with lots of activities which helps the needy and has used his star power to gather resources.

The B-Town actor has now helped raise more than 5 million dollars for Jimmy Carter's Non Governmental Organisation named "Habitat For Humanity".

He achieved this task through his "Join John's Brigade campaign" and by a public service announcement (PSA) through CNBC.

John has previously helped the NGO by not hesitating to sell off some of his personal belongings and collect 60,000 dirhams.

The target of the Habitat For Humanity Foundation is to construct 50,000 homes in different countries in the globe by the year 2011 and also 10,000 homes for tsunami victims in Chennai.

John Abraham says "youngsters emulate us in our style and dressing. I would urge the youth of India to take a page out of my book and come together with me to build homes. There is tremendous satisfaction in creating something brick-by-brick. Whenever I pass through Lonavala I like seeing the homes I helped to built.

With the generous help given by John and like minded personalities India has been able to help homeless people in countries like Lebanon, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

John helps the homeless ---

"Victory belongs to the most persevering"


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