Friday, October 10, 2008

RATNAGIRI : Calicut ....!!!! Kerala

.......See below photos - Ratnagiri is just 58 from Kozhikode. Kerala. India......



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dina4u said...

gorgeous country,
not like my Canada but close.
lol lol lol

Godsfly said...

Those pics are absolutely mind blowing...I live in a Calicut,love back pack trekking, traveling etc. Is this Ratnagiri in Wayanad dist? How does one get there? Would love to go for a trek there, could you pls send me some details pls?

aneesh said...

There is no place rathnagiri in calicut. THis is from somewhere else.

scream said...

Can you give more specifics about this place?
where is it?
how to get there?

KR said...

i was searching this place from the date i got the mail.. i didnt found a place like this Calicut !!
this one is a Fake

--- kRk ---