Friday, October 3, 2008

Dog Calls 911, Saves Owner…For the Third Time

"Dog Calls 911, Saves Owner…For the Third Time"

What a special pooch! Read the amazing story of Buddy….after the jump.

Dog Calls 911, Saves Owner…For the Third Time

When Buddy the dog saw that his master was having a seizure, he knew exactly what to do.

The 18-month-old German shepherd had been trained by Paws With A Cause to bring his owner the phone and bring it to him whenever he is in trouble. When Buddy picks up the phone, his teeth make contact with the 911 button on speed dial.

The 911 emergency operator could hear Buddy whimpering and barking, and sent an ambulance to the address.

This is the third time Buddy has had to call 911 for his master, who suffers potentially life-threatening seizures as a result of a head injury suffered while serving in the military.

My hands lay on the keyboard,
But I do not know what to type.
Sometimes I wonder,
We are not the same type.
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