Friday, October 3, 2008

Calvinball Equipment

Calvinball Equipment

2.1. Mask - All participants are required to wear a mask - Figure 1.1

2.2. Calvinball - A Calvinball may be a soccerball, volleyball, or any other reasonable or unreasonable, spherical or non-spherical object - Figure 2.1a and Figure 2.1b

2.3. Calvinball Field - The Calvinball Field should be any well-sized field, preferably with trees, rocks, grass, creeks, and other natural hindrances to health.

2.4. Miscellaneous - Other optional equipment include flags, wickets (especially of the time-fracture variety), and anything else the players wish to include (Figure 2.4).

** This rulebook is not required, nor necessary to play Calvinball. Special Thanks to the Calvinball Founders Bill Watterson, Calvin, and Hobbes.


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