Monday, September 8, 2008

HiTech Stadium becomes NFL Flagship

The old saying goes that "everything is bigger in Texas." Well, that couldn't be more true for the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium which promises to be the largest stadium ever built, with the largest support arches ever constructed, and doors that open on each end that could fit a DC-10 lengthwise and still have room for a forward pass over the middle.

At a glance, the specs of this new stadium shows that team owner Jerry Jones is "sparing no expense." The arch foundations will have 25-foot-high abutments and be anchored up to 70 feet underground. The Empire State Building could fit underneath them with plenty of room to spare. In addition, there will be an amazing 86-foot-high glass exterior where the clear glass paneling will be pelted with ceramic dots that will create a blue and gray translucence as the sun moves through the sky. The Stadium will sport the largest high definition LED displays in the world which will span from in between the 20 yard lines - that's 60 yards, folks. There will also be over 3,000 smaller HD LED screens all around the stadium, including personal televisions in every locker for the athletes. There will also be independent power outlets, broadband data ports, and ceiling recessed projectors for team meetings during half time.

But the big ticket items will be the field level suite boxes and VIP areas right on the 50 yard line. The major selling point being that players will pass through the club VIP area as they make their way both on and off the playing field. Yeah, we'll see how long that lasts. In addition, there will be over 300 private luxury suites - 50 of which that will circle the field at ground level (which is baffling considering ground level is the second worse seat in the house). Guests will be able to walk right onto the field during the game and stand right behind the teams.

There will also be a retractable roof which will open and shut within 12 minutes, nearly 1,000 concession stands, and end zone party sections that will seat up to 10,000 for concerts and other special events. Cost to build? $1.1 BILLION DOLLARS making it the most expensive stadium in history. It'll open in time for the 2009 NFL season and will seat over 80,000.

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