Sunday, August 3, 2008

Whenever Fear Rules...

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Whenever Fear Rules...

An Article by Maneesh Yadav

Fear.... always has shown itself in one way or the other and had made life if not a Hell in a sense but at least Worse.

The First & Foremost thing that need to be understood is that "Fear doesn't exist itself, there are only Fearful thoughts". From this quote it need to be looked into that to make ourselves devoid of Fear...,than first we have to devoid ourselves of FEARFUL THOUGHTS. This may sound simple but it has too many perspective to be understood.

To make yourself fearless do not try to fight the fear else it may get a distorted shape and may be more strong. To counter this 'fantasy' u just got to look at it...that is to say when fear i.e. the Fearful Thoughts comes into being just look into the Thought Process that tend to it closely enough without any criticism of those thought being good or bad. and u will see SURELY Enough at the false nature of this fear and as a smoke it will tend to become 'thinner and thinner' in the 'environment' of 'close seeing of this thought process'. (Try this visualization during fear but mind it to visualize it without any criticism..., and doing so u would look into the fantasy and falseness to the so called thing FEAR."

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