Monday, August 4, 2008

Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence

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Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence

Based on An Article by Abhijit

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetence" - Isaac Asimov.

Violence strikes us once again. A series of blasts in Ahmadabad and Bangalore have made us dumb found once again. First, we get scared, we get angry and frustrated, and we get worried of our future. We wonder why such things happen repeatedly. Wherefrom comes this much hatred? What kind of mental thought process put those act together? We wonder how meticulously that plans could be executed to kill the civilians, the innocent people at the end. 'Terrorism' - as we call it. Is it anything to do with religion? Is it a kind of politics of hatred or revenge? No true religion will permit such meticulously nurtured mental illness. The act of incompetence - surely it is! Do we call them cowards or are they themselves disturbed for some reasons?

The rich or the poor, the powerful or the powerless whoever they are, they definitely show a well-networked activities with a presumably thoroughly trained army of youth for execution - a highly 'disciplined work' at place. The possession of their knowledge of certain technologies for destruction is nonetheless important. Alas! This energy and intelligence of the youth could well be channelized to achieve something great: some creative endeavor…could have been some scientific and technological marvels for the entire humankind. The world would be more livable.

The act of destruction makes us all vulnerable. Indeed, this kind of hidden act of destruction makes both us, the common people and the terrorists, unstable. May be the concept of peace or the normal life of creativity and love is not in their agenda. This needs to be addressed.

A bright young man is made to be terrorist by training. They are made to believe some 'cause', in the name of religion or so. The tender and beautiful minds are thus lost into the act of destruction, in a regimented group. They eventually begin to identify themselves with the 'cause' (whatever it may be) and get ready to kill lives or to kill even themselves. What a great loss of valuable human resources!

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