Monday, August 11, 2008

[Spring Of Life] Why Google will die in near future

Ok, do you social? oh, no I should ask are you social? Ok, so you want to be social? Social isn't making friends, it's just hanging on social websites and clicking don't believe so what's millions of people are every day making?
Never mind about what I say, but social websites, are the hit of nowadays, this is the thing that may replace, even search engines (horray, Google defeated)!
Why I say so?
Because I noticed that I don't use search engines, no more. here are some examples!

First do you know reddit? If you don't so join it now. It's like digg, but little bit different. Reddit is better for Open discussions.I'll give you here an example why I don't use Google on such searches.
For example I'm searching for a JavaScript editor. If I'm going to use Google so what do you think I'll find? I'll need so much time, Google results aren't precise, the simple reason, that I can write something which is irrelevant and get the first or the second position in Google! Can't I?
But what do you think of this reddit? Check it, every body is giving an editor that he tried :) isn't it better?
Ok this is the first point.
Let's check another point, for example you are searching for information on the web about something, let say, computers and the history of computers.
Google is good, but Wikipedia is 100 time better! Wikipedia is an Open Encyclopedia, however Google is a search engine. If you are searching for something general, a documentation for school for example, then Wikipedia is the best choice. It gives you the relevant information with no need to search.
But Google already knows that Wikipedia is dangerous and will take all people searching for general information, yes and Google launched Knol. But knol, oh no, that won't succeed, do you know why? Because Wikipedia is better controlled, however you can find incorrect information and bad formed articles in Knol. (I don't mean you won't find in Wikipedia, but in Wikipedia you won't find duplicate!). Yes, duplicates and so much duplicates :( in Knol.
Good this is the next point.
The last thing, or the worst thing for Google is Face book! I was watching Face book and Orkut traffic in Alexa, Face Book is increasing observantly, however Orkut traffic dropped badly. (I think it's the reason why Google launched Lively!). Why Facebook, succeed, because you can create apps their and start earning money while playing with your mates. Don't know that?
Face book is getting more popular and attractive, I'm no longer active on Google groups, but on Facebook group. Facebook seems to me like a small OS, where I connect with mates!

Solution for Google?
Starting a huge connected social network, never seen!

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Adam said...

Yawn. One very biased opinion will never tackle the utility google brings to the internets.