Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recipe For Love

-=[Recipe For Love]=-

Never sleep on an angry word.

Never make the other feel absurd.

Always believe in each other's dreams.

Keep communication flowing like a stream.

Speak to each other with a tender heart.

Remember each day how you felt at the start.

Treat each other with kindness and respect.

Love grows only with care not neglect.

Never forget a special day.

Never miss a chance to say,

All the good things that you feel,

A loving kiss can always heal.

Desire should make you swoon,

Each and everyday should be a honeymoon.

Nothing can ever be more important than your lover.

Never give a passionate thought to any other.

To make love last for all eternity,

The "ME" must become "WE".

When your heart is full of affection,

Love will always know the right direction.

Share Love. Spread Love.

Lovely Wishes for Valentine's Day

Betajbadshah means The king of Hearts.

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