Monday, August 4, 2008

MS Office: Footnote Placement in Word

Footnote placement?

Who would have ever thought that was even an issue? After all, don't footnotes appear at the bottom of the page where they're referenced?

Why, yes they do! So, for the most part, there isn't even a question about their placement.

However, what about the last page of your document?

Text rarely ends at the bottom of a page, so that does present you with a choice.

You could choose to place the footnotes at the bottom of the page, leaving a white space between the text and the footnote.

Or, you could choose to have Word place the footnote below the text on the page, eliminating the white space all together.

What's your preference?

Well, either way, here's how you can make your choice.

In older versions of Word, you need the Insert menu, Reference submenu, Footnote choice.

In Word 2007, you need to click on the down arrow in the Footnotes group, located on the References ribbon.

At this point, everyone should make sure Footnotes is selected and from the drop down list to the right of that, make your choice.

And finally, it's time to make your big exit!

If you want to make the change, but not add a footnote, just click on the Apply button (to save the change) and then the Cancel button (to return to your document).

If you want to add a footnote at this point, simply use the Insert button.

Voila. Footnotes right where you want them!

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