Sunday, August 10, 2008

Most Beautiful Bollywood Celebrities

The most beautiful body:
The runner up is Priyanka Chopra.
This leggy ex Miss Universe has got a body to make universe drool.

The most beautiful body:
And the winner is: Mallika Sherawat.
Need we say more!

Most beautiful hair:
The runner up is Ayesha Takia.
Those glossy locks make look Ayesha more beautiful than she is.

Most beautiful hair:
The winner is Celina Jaitley.
Those well-groomed, luxuriant, lustrous hair make her look simply beautiful.

Most beautiful eyes:
The runner up is Rani Mukherji.
Most of the times her eyes do all the speaking and makes her the queen bee of Bollywood.

Most beautiful eyes:
The winner is Aishwayra Rai Bachchan.
This green eyed beauty has captured hearts of millions through her arresting looks and continues to do so.

Most beautiful lips:
The runner up is Lara Dutta.
This ex miss world takes the runner up crown of flaunting the best lips in the town.

Most beautiful lips:
The winner is Katrina Kaif.
Oh! That pout which has already won her awards for the most beautiful lips lot of times. All we can say is, humko deewana kar gaye!

Most beautiful smile:
The runner up is Deepika Padukone:
Her dimped smile has got everyone smiling back at her.

Most beautiful smile:
And the winner is Madhuri Dixit
Pearly smile like hers surely make us realise smile is the second best thing you can do with your lips.

Most beautiful legs:
Sherlyn Chopra.
This new damsel is creating waves in the industry already with a perfect pair of stem she has got.

Most beautiful legs:
The winner is Shilpa Shetty
Boss, she continues to create magic with her long legs even after 13 years in industy.

Most beautiful cheek bones:
The runner up is Hansika Motwani
She is all of seventeen but looks like a star has arrived.

Most beautiful cheek bones:
The winner is Kareena Kapoor
With her cute bebolicious cheek bones, she sure makes go many crazy.

Most beautiful skin:
Kangana Ranaut.
Something is really hot about this girl. We wonder if it is those naughty curls or the flawless skin which makes us sigh!

Most beautiful skin:
The winner is Bipasha Basu.
This dusky beauty sure scores the goal for having that flawless skin. We just wonder if Bengali food is doing her all the good?

The most graceful:
The runner up is Sonam Kapoor
As Bhasnali compared her looks to Waheeda Rehman, we figured out we have got a graceful lady in Bollywood

The most graceful:
The winner is Sushmita Sen.
This beauty with brains has been graceful and elegant always.

The most beautiful back:
The runner up is Tanushree Dutta
She is bringing a attractive back...Check it out!

The most beautiful back:
And the winner is Neha Dhupia
No one has turned a back to her, since she has started flaunting that attractive back!

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