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Laws are’nt sufficient to fight terrorism in India - Kiran bedi

Shreekrishna Padki:Dr. Bedi, Our Country's "Honourable" Home Misiter says existing laws are sufficient to fight terrorism in India, how far it is true?

Dr Kiran Bedi: no they are not….has anyone asked the police, the prosecutor, the judiciary….this is exactly the problem…ask the wearers of these shoes and they will tell u where all it hurts….listen to the practitioners…u will have the answers…and this be not a one time excercise but a regular dialogue

DP:Dear Madam, I'm(sure entire India) and is proud to what you acheived in your life specially being a woman. At this moment onething is going in my mind because you might have acheived a lot. Do you regret for not serving full term in your occupation as an IPS office?. Somewhere down the line, I am feeling you lost your fight.Plz comment - DP, Melbourne

Dr Kiran Bedi: when the time for me came to give my best to the nation as the Police Commissioner of the city of Delhi, the political executive and the bureaucracy came in the way…they had no courage to see people and police succeeding together, for this would have happened…this class of decision makers say one thing but mean something else..i saw it… had i stayed on doing nothing i would have lost…i gained by moving out to do what i want to do

Rahul Arora:Only 1 attacked on US then after US attacked on Afganistan & Iran as well. We r facing this problem from last 2 decads . Don't u think mam its cross the limits. ? Can we attack the on terrisots camp ? or runs our life as usual .

Dr Kiran Bedi: we have to modernise and overhaul the way we police and deliver justice and the way we involve the people in policing…unless we work on all fronts we will continue to be beaten…and we know what needs to be done…we only need to implement and follow up to the hilt and sustain the changes….we must use more technology..and many other issues…..

Prince:Hello mam! Don you think that we need to talk with them, what they want and why they are doing like these kinds of unhuman things

Dr Kiran Bedi: once we come to the responsibility at each constituency level it may lead to identification of a communication with disgruntled elements….but it will not work where mecenaries are involved for they are doing it with a different agenda…hence we ahve to do everything possible and be prepared still…

junaid khan:do you feel there is any political motive behind these attacks? since the UPA is approaching its last leg of power?

Dr Kiran Bedi: no not at all…i can't even think on those lines….

chenna:Dear Kiran Bedi, We see all the western countries are very tough on the terrorism. What do you advise the parliament of India to make India tough on terrorism? There was a lot of uproar going on the POTA & TADA which are meant for dealing tough on the terrorists? But, why this is being misused by Indian police and not the same is seen in the US like countries. Today we see the common man is afraid of police to make any complaints because the police harass the person with so many queries..How do you advise the police department to become more transparent and reachable to common man and at the same time tough towards terrorists.

Dr Kiran Bedi: we need the best and toughest laws with safeguards….so that no injustice happens but also no criminal can get away..this is possible if a small team of legal experts is assigned the task, and submits for debate for the parliament… even states can do the same…except again their law needs the consent of the President thru the executive at the centre

Nihal:Why do politicians play the blame game at this time when instead they should be focusing on getting these criminals and killing them in public at the same sites that they planted bombs by the people who were affected/survived? Don't you think that will send out a strong message to these heartless criminals?

Dr Kiran Bedi: yes they all instead need to close ranks and come together…a special session is urgently called for with wise debate to correct the loopholes to make it tougher for the criminals to get away….but this is not happening yet

Nikhil:Why dont we shoot these terrorist when they are caught?

Dr Kiran Bedi: we can shoot only if threatened and challenged…we have a right to defend not to attack…this is the law of any civilized cocuntry with democratic systems

Guru Rao:Good Evening Maam, Dont you think India has been very moderate towards the jehadi's and thats the reason we are seeing increse in number of terror attacks as well as the confidence of jehaadi's seems to be high now. They have no fear now and we people have to live in terror.

Dr Kiran Bedi: our whole criminal justice system is moderate….and the tougher the criminal the softer it goes..for the reason that the evidence it demands the system does not provide….we have been not evaluating our laws time to time…not reviewing them time to time…we are outdated in law enforcement


Dr Kiran Bedi: all those who do this have their own goals and missions to be achieved…this is their belief and their faith…their rationalisation….their way to divinity…their anger their emotions howsoever cruel

sandesh:mam is it possoble for us to form an internal intilligence network to prevent terrorist activities ….if so what are the difficulties?

Dr Kiran Bedi: well if u have information yes…and if u r suspicious abt something must tell and inform..but then there have to be systems to respect and act on your info with confdentiality….there has to be a system and trust mutually

sheel prabhakar:what a common man can do to prevent terrorism..?

Dr Kiran Bedi: be a part of the larger community of people who are alert and aware…as also questions the political executive and the police of its responsibility

Vinod:25 blast in 3 days and 14 bombs in a day. Where we are wrong in the security approach, Where we need to change.

Dr Kiran Bedi: all political parties will have to come together and take responsibility for their respective constituencies…all panchayats, all resident welfare associations all market associations…all field voluntary groups….this means people at large with the police…both trusting each other

Saurabh Patharkar:Respected Kiran Madam, today 14 bombs are found in Surat alone. Day before 17 blasts in Ahamadabad. Is it such a easy tasks for terrorists to plant the bombs in two days, in same state, without coming in notice of our security agencies? Are our security network has become so weak to infiltrate?

Dr Kiran Bedi: yes it is anywhere today…because the police on the ground is very inadequate…the lowest in propostion…can u believe it it is lower than nepal or even mynamar?and people are not part of the crime prevention for they have never been involved in a systematic way anywhere

Vijay Shah:Ms. Bedi I watched many times you on the TV Channel with your views and indeed impressed. If you become a home minister for short time what will be your priorities and how you get the result

Dr Kiran Bedi: well such a situation is not likely at all..because our political system looks for the weakest to hopefully deliver….. but if the system wants a stron and fair person his or her appointment itself will drive half the problem away….then it will take not more than ayear to set it all right…

ajay pandey:why are we attacked again and again, while US has not been attacked since 9/11

Dr Kiran Bedi: because the US is tough…and united we are weak and divided

ashish srivastava:Like Army why dont we have the Police and CBI independent of Political influence??

Dr Kiran Bedi: no…it works under the political executive..they select the leaders….they appoint or promote or transfer….they retain the choices….

Deepak Yadav:There is lot of talks as India being a soft state, which I feel is totally uncalled for. Can you please tell me the difference between the soft state & a hard state; also can you give me an example of hard state? For me there is nothing as soft & hard state it is the ordinary human being who looses his life.

Dr Kiran Bedi: well the manner in which we are disjointed which is our enforcement systems we are not fully ready to prevent and detect on large scale basis…hence the soft situation.

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