Thursday, August 28, 2008

Is It Real or Fake


Dear Readers,

Thanks for your numerous replys. Several of you suggested that the pictures in this post need citations. Some of you also wanted to be able to get further information on these pictures.

So, we've collected several links and added them next to the pictures.

Enjoy the post!


Update: Several Images posted here were too extreme and have been removed.
Spiders Found in Iraq Desert


Satellite Photo: Space Shuttle

Tsunami Strikes Phuket, Thailand

Air Force Jets in U.S.A. Formation

World's Biggest Dog

Highest Bridge in the World

Largest Cat

Home Computer of the Future as Envisioned in 1954

Fishermen with Giant Catfish


Black & White Twins

Albino Fawn


Giant House Cat


North Pole Sunset


Wacky 'Drunk Building'

Hand-Feeding Hummingbirds

Strange Boat


Cruel Shoes

Amazingly Realistic Street Painting

Indoor Ski Resort in Dubai


Sandstorm in Iraq


Cash Seized in Drug Bust

Japanese Fashion Craze


Space Nebula Resembles Human Eye


MiG Jet Fighter Found Buried in Iraq


Public Toilet w/Glass

Herman the Giant Bunny


Catfish Eats Rubber Ball

Christmas at Arlington Cemetery

Montana Forest Fire



Vivek said...

As far as i know the Jap Fashion Craze is for real.
Japs do really strange thing in name of Fashion.
There are even tee shirts available with the same concept.

The Animal human android is just a sculptor

Johnny said...

The Grizzly and the guy is fake, it was first reported by a news station as real but then later it was found out this was a fake.

Anonymous said...

Vivek has no idea what an android is...

Anonymous said...

The one with the dog/human is a real piece of art work the artist does other work along the same line.

Lucas said...

the "hands of god" one isn't supposed to be god, it's a reference to goatse

Anonymous said...

You have a few of them wrong. The giant dog is real, as is the giant computer and the japanese craze

The human animal hybrid is real, but its an artists sculpture.

The mermaid one is a real artifact, buts its a freakshow attraction that was made from various body parts. The victorians inparticular liked doing this.

Anonymous said...

actually the supposed japanese craze is a result of using the night vision on a certain camera that made some fabrics appear transparent when photographed i dont remember the company but when they found out they had a recall and fixed the problem

Dafydd said...

so basically what you're saying singer3188 is that someone accidentally made a camera with perfect colour xray vision, and then decided that was bad and un-did it... suuuuure they did....

Ashley said...

I read an article in a fashion magazine a while ago; whether it was Glamour, Jane, Cosmo, etc... I do not remember. However, this article was about a new trend in Japan where certain clothing manufacturers were producing items that "appeared" to be transparent in certain areas, but was actually just printed to look that way. Therefore, both theories are incorrect: It is not fake photo, or the product of an "x-ray camera" it is truly just strange Japanese fashion. I don't know why anyone would ever want it to look like there was an ass-window in the skirt, but hey... I've heard of stranger things happening in Japan.

Anonymous said...

The japanese thing IS FAKE... other sites have mistaken it for being real but it was admittedly done in photoshop along with about ten other pitures of the same idea. This site knows what's up.

cfreak said...

whiptail-uk said...

You have a few of them wrong. The giant dog is real, as is the giant computer and the japanese craze

The computer is definitely not real. It was created as a part of a photoshop contest on ... several sites and even media organizations have passed it off as real though

Anonymous said...

i think your missing the point. the "hands of god" picture while feake is not the hands of god but rather the goatse in the the sky.

go there and youll get it

she sang a little while and then flew on said...

The Japanese skirt thing is real. They sell them in America too, usually in heaD shops. Not every ridiculous thing is photoshopped.

Chris said...

Look, if you're going to assign true or false to a series of pics, at least make some attempt at making a source list. Honestly, arbitrarily declaring these thing is about as asinine as posting them without a reference to their veracity in the first place.

Ben said...

The 'hands of God' is fake, but's it a cloud Goatse. And the 1954 Computer is real
- - recreational and commercial exporters

tim maguire said...

I'd love to know more about those giant bugs that come up first. Goatse! haha! Caught that too. The picture of the exploding space shuttle I believe is from the movie Armageddon. There's some nifty pics in here, but some of those "real" ones--I want to see a snopes style defense.

Nice collection.

Anonymous said...

Those giant bugs are called wind scorpions around here, not sure the latin name. They're not spiders. The ones in Iraq are huge, but they can be found in America as well. I saw one here in the southwest about an inch long. They're very fast, but have no venom or poison. They chew their prey to death with the massive mandibles they have. They appear to have 10 legs, but the front two are feelers.

kchu said...

Let's be clear on the Giant Computer: the picture and caption are fake. It's not a computer, home or otherwise. It's a mock up of a submarine. The picture is real, except for the television and the old man.

See for the full story.

John said...

The giant eye nebula is a real photo with false colouration (see

cptjeff said...

the 'giant' from th middle east looks to be from the movie "Jack and the Beanstalk: the real story"

good movie IMO...

Matthias said...

Xooxer Camel spiders and wind scorpions are the same thing those are found in Iraq you can check the article on snopes

Max said...

Ick.. That worm in the eye one is gross... I don't care whether or not it's fake... Blech!

Robert said...

A model of the Sony Handycam had infrared capabilities that if enabled in the daytime gave the ability to "see through clothes"
Google around, you'll find it.

Chris said...

Just so the creator of this knows... most of these are incorrect. Some of the correct ones are wrong and vice-verse. I think all of these are pictures taken from other sources and the creator just gave his opinion on them without even reading the article he got the pictures from. I dont think anyone should take this seriously.

Anonymous said...

Xooxer- anything with 8 legs is part of the arachnid family and therefore a spider. Insects have 6 legs.

huracancampeon said...

i have found another pic from another angle of the huge mastin napolitano in
it's not fake at all. His name is Hercules.

BaDger said...

The "Tsunami Strikes Phuket, Thailand" actually is a simulation of a Tsunami in Antofagasta, Chile.

Blotchy said...

I'm shocked that so many of you think that this "Japanese thing" is real. You're on the Internet, do some f--king research. IT was debunked as a hoax over two YEARS ago.

Anyone who knows the slightest thing about photoshop knows those are horrible, amateur mock ups.

Just because a few people including yourself were duped into thinking it's real, doesn't mean it actually is. It's fake, doesn't exist, and there is no camera or clothing that "You've seen somewhere" that does it.

And if you STILL insist it's real, I recommend DESIGNING these skirts as you'll be the first ones to do it - because it hasn't been done yet. Shut the F--K UP about it already.

Grow a brain.

Anonymous said...

Fail blog is fail.

Anonymous said...


SunnieDelite said...

Blotchy, I think you need to switch to decaf. This is the internet. Catch the wave. It's easier to rise above it than stand against it.

Marty said...

Dog pic is fake. there is (was) a giant dog named Hercules, but this is not him. see here:

Qlumbo said...

Blotchy, not everyone on the internet is as big a liar as you. Some people that aren't like you have the heart not to lie. I know a lie when I see it.

Qlumbo said...

THIS is the link to the biggest dog thing, in case anyone is lazy to copy the adress to the adress bar.

courtle said...

About those crazy Japanese and their crazy fashion- if you research more pictures of the supposedly underwear-printed clothing, you'll notice that the angle of the body on the cloth always perfectly matches the angle that the person is standing. So, if you're looking at the person from the side, somehow *magically* the print changes to be at the side angle instead of a simple front or back view, like those tacky bikini- or muscle-print shirts I've seen in Florida tourist shops.

ie totally fake.

Singularity said...

Just a bunch of bullshit. Just a couple are real (the boring ones, of course)

Diomon said...

If the pic of the dog with all hose porcupine needles is not a fake, that is some stupid dog!!!
Any dog would pull back after a couple of needles!

Illinest said...

yeah that computer of the future is actually a mock-up of maneuvering on a nuclear submarine.
The left side with the wheel is where the throttleman stands. He answers bells to control the speed of the ship.
The middle panel is where the reactor operator sits and the right hand panel is the electrical operator. I've stood watches at both of those panels myself.


FoxTrottinKate said...

Hey folks, I hate to break it to you, but if you bother to examine some of these photos, you'll find they're obviously staged or photoshopped.

Those who think the computer is real...why would any computer EVER need a giant wheel? Not to mention a million dials? Not even the computers of the 1950s, gigantic monsters that they were, looked like that.

The clouds forming the "hands of God." First, from a theological standpoint, mankind was made in God's spiritual image, not necessarily his physical one. Who says God has hands? Second, this is SO clearly photoshopped. Give me a picture of the sky that's good enough to work with and I can give you the same thing within five minutes, easily.
"Dog meets porcupine" is real. Stupid dog. But it's a pit bull, from the looks of it, which probably explains why it was too dumb to back off.
"Giant grizzly bear" is real, it's just a slightly larger than usual, probably male, grizzly. Those things are stinkin' huge anyway.
Japanese fashion Except maybe a hooker, but I'd imagine they'd be wearing a thong.

Anonymous said...

How many pieces of clothing do any of you own that morphs into a different material? The "Japanese Fashion Craze" is obviously fake.

Anonymous said...

the tsunami in phuket really happened. i dont know if that picture is authentic though but the tsunami really did happen. i was in bangkok when the tsunami hit phuket.

Mark said...

I thinke vivek meant SCULPTURE (first comment), and thus was correct. (Spell-check is not context-specific!)

Also, whether fake or not (I don't really care), the "Japanese Fashion Craze" is a completely DIFFERENT story than the old model Sony video camera. As someone else pointed out, it was discovered that if you enabled the infrared functionality in daytime, you could see a person's form through their clothes. The detail wasn't great enough that you could see nipples or anything, but Sony still changed subsequent models to prevent this...

Anonymous said...

Japanese Fashion Craze is real, they are skirts sewed from a translucent-ish fabric and a fabric with the image of a girl's rear is sowed underneath.

These aren't see through skirts, the butt is picture sown as part of the skirt.

Karl said...

You can see USD $205 million in cash :O,0,3877797.story?track=mostviewed-storylevel

Cortney said...

I think every one is entitled to their own opinion I don't understand why someone has to get on anal because some people believe pictures are real or not, seriously there are a lot more things in life to fight over things worth the argument, it's meant for entertainment and that's what it is so have fun with your little put downs to each other on how stupid someone is for thinking what they think.

Kate Mangan said...

The Japanese fashion craze is real with a catch. Some people thought it was a seethrough skirt. It is not. It's printed on to look as though it is the person wearing a transparent skirt on normal material. I've seen places where you can buy it. So real, just not see-through.

真太郎 said...

The problem with that Japanese skirt photo is, that photo IS fake and a simple photoshop job, despite the fact that there ARE Japanese joke-clothes (i.e. not exactly meant to be serious) in the market. Just because there are actually such products don't mean that photo is real.

That kind is actually quite old as a fake photo.

Louis said...

Why are people even trying to trick people that the Japanese Craze is X-Ray vision or see-through clothes,
the picture on the skirt is of a woman with her legs together XD

Jess said...

The 'Japanese Fashion Craze' was proven fake YEARS ago.
Please stop posting comments about it being real, or x-ray, etc.

Louis said...

hey, i thought my point was a pretty good one actually, and i'll make it if i want - doesn't matter if you think the matter closed, deary.

you're probably just jealous - you wish you had an ass like that ;)

Jess said...

Lumpy? No, thank you.
Those pictures are photoshopped, the average (self respecting) Japanese girl would not wear something like that.

Louis said...

good, glad to hear it. But i thought the whole issue of the real veracity of it was closed? ah well

Patrick said...

The Spider thing is real but they are not big maybe 2-3 inches wide including legs. It's A camel spider found in iraq but I dont need a source to verify anything if you look in the right upper corner you can see how large his sleeve is compared to the spiders wich means hes holding them up. So yea they are real but not the size of the soldiers leg in the background. =/

Lollie-ext-5555 said...

No matter who says the Montana Forest Fire is real... I don't believe it. Humans might stall out like that, but animals behave from instinct and their instinct tells them to run away from a huge fire, not just stand casually turned in different directions and neither of them turned particularly towards or away from the fire, not one 'alert' stance between the two of them.

No I don't think so. I think those deer would have been leaping away from the fire and probably not even looking back over their shoulders. They're wild animals. It's instinctive to run from a forest fire if you're a wild animal. I don't care who says it's real, that picture is a fake.

Alpacino said...

Wow ... Now we r into true and false...into pictures...well well well...the world has grown time i did true and false was in the 8th std !!! fun and chill...its just a pic, true or false !

Anonymous said...

Japanese fashion craze is fake. Dork.
The Grizzly is real. Dork.
The giant computer is fake and has been shown to be fake in a number of venues. Idiot.
The giant dog is real. Good call. He's a Mastif and they can get bigger than this.
And the forest fire is totally real. It's backed up by video from the same news crew who took the picture.

Anonymous said...

Tsunami Strikes Phuket, Thailand...

It's not Thailand... Thats Antofagasta, Chile.. and is where I come from.. my born city in the North of Chile.

michael said...

the "spiders" at the top of the page are not actually spiders.
they are Solifuges. in the phylum chelicerata, class arachnidae(as are spiders) their chelicerae(fangs) moves up and down as apposed to left and right in spiders... non venomous. but can deliver a painfull bite.

Mariah1230 said...

Wow no one has left a comment since 08
Haha i am the first person to leave a comment in 2009!! LOLOLOL!! =]=]

Judy said...

strange, couple i could'nt look at. miss j

dana said...

the skirts with the butts printed on the fabric is definately REAL. as a matter of fact, i'm trying to find out who makes them. anyone???? please help me find them??!!!!! please send any info about the 'butt' skirts to

thanks so much. very much appreciated!!

dana said...

if anyone knows where to find the shirts and skirts with the prints of 'butts' and 'breasts' on them please contact me. these are not see thru shirts and skirts. the fabric has the design of a 'butt' on the skirt, and 'breasts' on the shirts. if anyone knows where or who the manufacturer is, or where or who a wholesaler is, please contact me asap......... or

thank you all soooo much. i need these skirts and shirts for redneck girls in se oklahoma.....

Dakota said...

I definately know that the first one is real but its not called a spider. My dad has seen several of them while he was over in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

OK!!! FOR THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING THE JAPANESE SKIRTS ARE A FAKE, I SAW THEM ON RIPLEYS BELIVE IT OR NOT ON TV A FEW YEARS AGO! yes, its a japanese fashion, but damn! to the idiots who keep trying to think they're smart, shut up, I know about photoshop, Im a digital artist :D ya'll need to stop being stupid!

as for the Montana Fire, real or fake, thats still very pretty (yes I know forest fires are bad >_>)

blacknock said...

those fire photos are for real go to:
since Mike McMillan an Alaska Smokejumper firefighter took them himself

blacknock said...

those fire photos are for real go to:
since Mike McMillan an Alaska Smokejumper firefighter took them himself

William said...

the worlds biggest dog pic is real. not only is their video footage of this dog but it was on the television news (which employs fact finders to verify the stories before running them)

Karyn said...

The spiders or w/e pic is creepy, same with the ghost and worm in eyeball and the corpses @.@ I dun care if they are real or not, they still creep me out xDD

ethen said...

ahh the japanese thing is a real pic
the back of the skirt is painted like that..... its not x-ray vision or photoshopped

Anonymous said...

the Japanese skirt thing is real and fake.
It's not actually see through, maybe that's why its considered fake in this post.
It is a real (and small) trend BUT the skirts are only painted to look see through.

kaekae207 said...

omg i am so confused. I can never tell what's real or fake thanks to technology. Some you can tell, but i usually can't. But the worm in the eye one was GROSSS!!!!!!

Suny said...

Japanese Fashion craze is real it is design a picture on cloth it's not her in wear cloth.

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