Sunday, August 10, 2008

IMG : Great Guns...

This one is called MP5.A silenced sub machine gun.Very often used by S.W.A.T.This one is cool. Kills without any noise.

This one is called M16A1. Magazine 20 rounds. Effective range is 460 meters. It also comes with a grenade luncher. Used by DeltaForce, S.E.A.L.

This SMG was specially designed for only deltaforce land warriors.

This one is DESERT EAGLE. My favourite.....Itz caliber is .44 Magnum with 9 rounds.Generally used by ISRAELLY MILITARY FORCE. One of the most powerful hand gun ever produced. U need only one shot....

This one is called BERETTA. It is used by US army.

This one is called AUG(Armee Universal Gewehr). It means Universal Army Rifle. I love this gun. It is really cool. Coz its rate of fire is 650 bullets per min and range is 450-500 m. The M203 AUG comes with a grenede luncher. That gun is superb.

Now something about our AK-47. I don't hav the pic. It is actually called Avtomat Kalashnikova - 47. Thirty rounds magazine with a rate of 600 bullets per minute. Its operation is very simple. Mostly used by Terrorists.

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Unknown said...

the MP5 is not silenced, as there is no suppressor on the barrel.
The rifle in the next picture is an M4, not an M16.
The OICW is not an SMG, but an experimental rifle, which became the XM8, and was not put into production.
On the side of the Desert Eagle, it says .50AE, meaning .50 Calibre, not .44 Magnum.
Corrections would be appreciated.

Unknown said...

Also, the "AUG" you have there is a Beretta CX4 Carbine, hence the "Beretta" on the side. Steyr make the AUG. You got the M9 correct, at least.