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Balakrishna & Tom Hanks conversation(sorry if repost)

Our Tollywood shooting star Balayya is travelling in a flight and happens to get a seat beside no other than Tom hanks himself.

but Balayya doesnt know that he is Tom Hanks. their conversation goes like this

NBK: hello. (smiles and shakes his head)

Tom Hanks: hi, how do u do

NBK: great. i am returning from nandeeswarudu shooting in LA

Tom Hanks: really ? cool. i am an actor myself

NBK: i am a great actor

Tom Hanks: says who

NBK: myself

Tom Hanks: (blank face) Good for you. they say i am a good actor too. i won

a couple oscars also

NBK: i won a couple vamsee berkeley awards

Tom Hanks: i can see that

NBK: my father was greatest actor in the world

Tom Hanks: (surprised) dont tell me you are paul newman's only son

NBK: i am tenth son of NTR

Tom Hanks: who is NTR

NBK: he is the greatest actor in the world

Tom Hanks: wow and all these days i was wondering if that would be paul newman or peter sellers. can you name a movie of your father's ?

NBK: superman

Tom Hanks: now you confuse me. i thought christopher reeves was superman

NBK: acting is in my blood

Tom Hanks: interesting. i have haemoglobin in my blood

NBK: my father was a great actor

Tom Hanks: youve said that before

NBK: ok. theres not much more to talk for me

Tom Hanks: i would love to see some of your work

NBK: (pulls a vhs out of his bag) here watch this

Tom Hanks: what is it

NBK: its my latest movie seema simham . which means lion of the area

Tom Hanks: interesting. what is it about

NBK: it is about two friends. one of them kills the others kid. now the

other guy wants to kill this guy's kid. but the fact is that this one's

kid becomes the other one's kid and in the end they have the same kid.

Tom Hanks: (turning towards air hostess) can i be moved to a different

seat please

NBK: (smiles and shakes head)

After conversation with balaiah he moved to a another seat in the same

flight and it happens to be a next seat of Jr.NTR. EVen Jr.Ntr doesn't that

he is Tom Hanks

Their conversation goes like this:

Tom Hanks: I couldn't belive that guy was saying his father "NTR" was the

greatest actor in the world.

Jr.NTR: Nandamuri TAraka Rama RAo, NTR, is the greatest actor in the world

and my babai (uncle) is next to him

Tom Hanks (with a surprise): Who are you?

Jr.NTR: I am the true successor of the great legend NTR.

Tom Hanks: Anyway, who are you???

Jr.NTR: NTR is my tata garu: it means his my grand father. He is always

with me even though he is in the heaven. MY babai....

Tom Hanks: (cuts his conversation and says) Oh God, are you also an actor?

Jr.NTR: Yes, Even though my babai doesn't talk to me his blessing are

always with me. His movies are inspired me. My babi and my tata ..

Tom Hanks: (again ineterrupts his talk and he doesn't want to talk anymore

about movies and he wants to shift the conversation to something else)

ARe you married?

Jr.NTR: NO, but, I fell in love with the beautiful girl in the world.

Tom Hanks with a surprise looks) dont tell me you are in love with


Jr.NTR: No, I am in love with Aarti agarwal

Tom Hanks: Who is she?

JR.NTR : you dont know her (surprise in his face). She is pretty, I cannot

explain it you. But, I promised my mom and to the industry people that I

never propose her to marry me.

Tom Honks: Why?

Jr.NTR: They think it spoils my carrer.

Tom Hanks: Dont say that Holly wood industry said to you like that

Jr.NTR: NO Tollywood industry. My tata and my babai are responsible for

raising of tollywood industry to this level. MY babai acted in two great

movies. He really inspired me......

Tom Honks ( angry, frustrated and cuts his bajana and asks): what is your name?

Jr.NTR: NTR, my mother put this name because my tata and my babai......

Tom Hanks is so confused and ready to get down of that flight at next stop

because the next available empty seat is besides no other than Mr.Nandamuri


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