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Top 10 online dating lies

Top 10 online dating lies
Experts say, more than 90 percent of people lie in their online dating profiles. Women in their twenties and thirties slyly deduct anywhere from five to twenty pounds from their weight, while men tend to lie about income, education level and, yes, relationship status.
Here are a few of the phrases you should be aware of when looking for love on the net:
10. 'I'm slim and petite'Translation: 'I was slim and petite 15 years ago. I haven't accepted the fact that I'm no longer thin and I know that potential dates won't accept it
either.' So don't accept everything you hear about how good looking the person is at first instance.

9. 'I'm tall, dark and handsome.' Translation: 'I'm average in height, looks and style. Nothing more, nothing less.' Many men lie about their height online and about 39 percent of women do the same. So if you're expecting someone tall, dark and handsome, think again.

8. 'I'm 29.' Translation: Yes, yes, haven't we all heard that one before? It means, 'I'm really past 30 and trying to look much younger.'
7. 'My interests include good wine, music and fine dining.' Translation: 'I like to impress you with the good life.' Take your guess to another level and quiz him or about culture and you'll know better.
6. 'I'm sensitive, smart and funny.' Translation: Isn't that too much of a good thing? 'I'm a hypersensitive, pretentious wannabe intellectual and I think too much of myself.'
5. 'I make more than Rs 250,000 per year.' Translation: 'I have grandiose, elaborate fantasies of eventually winning the lottery or striking gold with an online scheme but for now, to make ends meet, I'm your friendly neighbourhood manager at a mall.'

4. 'I'm not big on playing games.' Translation: 'I am utterly devoid of any 'edge.' My lack of knowledge about sports might just astound you.'
3. 'I can't wait to meet you." Translation: 'I want to see if you're worth it.' Watch out, he may just like the foxy picture of yourself that you posted on the net.
2. 'I just got out of a long relationship, so I'm mainly looking for friends right now.' Translation: 'Having just escaped a bitter, years long romantic battle, I can't wait for a casual fling now, to help me temporarily forget my misery.'
1. 'As the CEO of a successful Internet startup, I enjoy the finer things in life.'Translation: 'As the founder of a barely-there mail order business, I enjoy spending every second of my time on the Internet.'

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