Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Soul Mates

It is a real mystery the reason for which one comes into this world. There are hundred of thousands of theories and ideas about one's existence, but still yet, it is not disclosed the real purpose for a soul to incarnate in a body of flesh and live a life. That should be the true reason for which many of us have chosen wrong paths in this life, and the most important, we have messed around with love.

But the real aim of learning is to take advantage of our own errors, until one finds the right path for one's ideal. Even if one comes here with a certain background of past existences, one should not have the same flaws and neither incur in the same erroneous decisions. However, nobody is aware of that, so that things occur as they take place. And, an example of it is the following story of a soul that was unconscious of its real aim in life, and it was always in search of that for which it did not come into existence.

The soul had taken the body of a woman of an extraordinary beauty, whose purpose in life was love; and it came into the world in such circumstances, so that she through temptations she could find her ideal, her reason to be here. Men of means would approach her for her physical attributes, and just an ordinary man would offer her real love. So she would have to discern between love and materialism. But, although the soul had that mission, the mind of the body did not remember about it at all. So, it was hard to hold values and not to yield to temptations.

The soul was born as a girl who had blossomed into the most precious flower of the garden. She had an exquisite life, an accommodated and luxurious one. She had achieved what she purposed to be. But she did not find love, just the admiration of men who always desired her for their own pleasure. She never turned around to see others that were not at her position, because she always thought that any man underneath her could come for her wealth.

Unexpectedly, a man of no classes came along into her life. Without any reason, that man fell in love with her. And she became his everything.

He was the man who wanted to give her love, and all it meant. He was not poor though, he could not offer her that sort of stability that a wealthy man could grant her. So his love was despised.
As much as that man could of it was lacking of importance before her eyes, on account of that it came from the heart, and not from any monetary transaction.

Time had taken its course, and they went on separately. He had met a lovely lady with whom he could found a family and give her all his love. Whilst she went on from one relationship to another without success, and always wondering why she never ran into the right one who offered her comprehension, communication, trust, loyalty and the most important love. But she had never found the answer.

At the winter of her days, she had considered that that person that she had expected so much had been that man who had appeared in her life suddenly. He was not of any class, and money was not one of his assets, but his worth talent was his desire to love and his treasure his love for her. But, it was too late for that consideration.

She had died lonely. Her soul had to until another existence where she could meet that man whom through eternity had worshipped her.

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