Saturday, July 5, 2008

India Subsidized!!! Are We Relieved???

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India Subsidized!!! Are We Relieved???

How can you do this to me, Saif mockingly said to Katrina, by the time she answer, power went off and the whole theatre was gripped in darkness. I alongwith my wife and kids were sitting on our seat enjoying Race, a new flick which we decided to watch that weekend. Finally power was restored, thank to the genset but my interest from the movie had gone because of the power cut. Something was bothering me. I left on the pretext of popcorn but it was smoke which needed me. I noticed the hard engine sound all around that place, had a look behind the building, I discovered heavy gensets being used to supply power to the mall as well the multiplex.

C'mon, you cannot use subsidized oil to light up the multiplex, it is damn costly, and we are paying heavily for it. When enquired about the consumption, from a guy working in that multiplex, his data shocked me. The fuel consumption of that genset was 30 ltrs of diesel per hour. Does that mean more than 1200 ltrs of diesel per hour only for the malls and multiplexes of Delhi? It is an astonishing figure. For a farmer, 5 liters of diesel is enough for his bore well at irrigation. His requirement of subsidies is genuine, as he cannot afford to buy oil at the current market price.

Just to add further, the price I am paying for LPG is same as what Mrs. Tina Ambani would be paying, or Mr. Amitabh Bacchan and even my maid pays the same amount for her LPG. Is not it strange? Three classes of society pay the same price for a cooking gas. To be honest I really have no problems with what Ambani pays for but will the system take care of my maid. The government needs to understand the value of subsidies and how it is passed on to the end consumer. Government needs to understand and take proper initiatives to resolve the present scenario of subsidies.

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