Sunday, July 6, 2008

How to please your boss.

Dear readers,

We thank Kat for writing this wonderful article. The link to the orignal article is here. You can read more from her there. The article has been removed from this site on request.


Greetings Helium Team,

Thanks for pointing out the source of this article. As you see, the content on this site is posted by the users of the group and many times these users forget to give due credit to the author of the post. However, we maintain that the link-based culture of the Internet that the community has cultivated so well should be highly encouraged.

We firmly believe that due credit should be given at all times.

HM Team.
webmaster AT
19 July, 2008 11:00 AM.


Kat said...

So who wrote this? You wrote this? I think not! These are my words. You posted them without giving me credit and you do not have my permission to use them.


I suggest in the future you write your own content. This is called theft. I want it removed!

Melissa Russell said...

Helium though used by the public for writing is a privately owned site, so removal of information without the specific permission of the creator is theft.

This article was taken without asking first. Even though a disclaimer is given, you should have notated the author of the piece, but firstly you should have asked to use this piece.

I would remove this, the author has asked you to.

Teddy said...

This work is the work of another author. Why not approach staff and ask to buy articles, rather than plagiarising other writer's work.

Jimmy Flatbush said...

Dear douchebag,

How would you like it if I ripped you off. I'm thinking about it.

But I would have to change most of the garbage you put into words. Too much work.

Don't ever do this again, asshole.

Jim Bessey said...

You have posted copywritten content without permission. Your end-of-post disclaimer is laughable. "Public domain"?? Why not find your content through proper channels and give credit where it's due. You probably could have purchased this article for less than $20, if you'd only asked first.

Jim Bessey, Senior Editor,

Leigh said...

"Any infringement of said copyright is non-intentional & will be rectified upon notice & proof of ownership."

It seems as if the above author has provided that proof! This content doesn't belong here because it's someone else's.

What you've done here is blatant theft of intellectual property and a copyright infringement.

Your little disclaimer is nothing more than a justification of your stealing other people's work. A little copypasting is not "non-intentional". Sounds awfully intentional to me...

David Elder said...

Copying someone else's work and leaving a lame excuse of public domain is despicable. Are you so insecure in your own abilities that you have to use another writers words as your own?

You should offer a public apology and remove the text immediately.

Kat said...

Thank you for doing the right thing.

Your disclaimer is, in my opinion, nonsense. Using other people's word without their permission is a crime. I believe a moral one as well as a legal one.

If I had come across the post that resides here now, I would have said a huge thank you and told people about it.

I hope you continue to weed out theft on your site.