Sunday, July 6, 2008

Explain this to your Insurance Agent

Check out the horse looking on the 4th one

Explain this to your insurance agent

Note the markings on the street reads,'Slow School Zone'

Note the direction the pillars are leaning. Most of the damage was done when he tried to backed up!

Note Fresno on the side of the Cruiser.

The more you look at this one the more questions you have.

Just how do you roll a steam roller upside down? Or get it righted for thatmatter.

Why am I reminded of Barney Fife?

Wow! How fast do you have to go to get an SUV airborne?

Do you get out of the vehicle?


!? We're having fun now!

Phone wires do tend to get in the way if you are flying low.

Or if you... Like have your boom up.

Just remember these guys had to explain to their boss or someonefrom
the insurance company

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Peter Parker said...

Love to see the insurance diagrams of what happened.