Sunday, July 6, 2008

Be a Superdad!

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Be a Superdad!

Today's dads have their fingers in many pies. Be it burning the midnight oil or globetrotting for business and living out of suitcases, or helping in the kitchen to whisk up quick meals for the kids, there is little time that he can devote to himself.

But a growing paunch is definitely a strict no-no. After all, he has to look immaculate for every PTA meeting he turns up at. Fitness expert Zarine Watson has some advice for our superdads...

For the globetrotter: It is important to exercise on a regular basis. Make space beside your bed in your hotel room and do exercises that require full body movements. You should do squats, push-ups and lunges that work up your heart rate efficiently. Fifteen minutes of workout should be enough for these occasions.

While you are with kids: Do not hesitate to become a kid with your children and play every game possible at your local park. A game of frisbee provides a great work out. Also try your hand at football.

Late hours at work: In case you do not have a corporate gym at your office, you can do some resistance training exercises like a combination of abdominal crunches, squats and push-ups.

Best diet for a working dad: Vegetarians can opt for a plate of fruits and legumes. For those who like non-veg, opt for a platter of salmon.
Raise a toast: Be it your office party or a family get-together, it is safest to opt for a glass of red wine.

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