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71 things you CAN do to CHANGE your life

1 Things you CAN do to CHANGE your life

Most people aren't Warriors, and I'm fine with it. Most people do things that don't make sense, and I'm fine with it. I've learned to accept the non-sense that fills this world. (Part of being a Warrior is accepting that most other people are not Warriors, and accepting them.) Still, the point is that people do things that don't make sense. They whine, complain, and cry over problems they can easily change. They get depressed over problems they cause for themselves.

For example, lazy people often whine that they don't make more money. Selfish people complain that they don't have more friends. Many people sabotage all their romantic relationships and then complain that they don't have a lover.

Granted, sometimes when something bad happens to a person it's purely bad luck. For example, you could be sitting in your well-built home while reading the newspaper and a tornado could tear your home up.

However, usually when you don't like what's happening in your life, it's your own damn fault. It's your fault if you're fat, lazy, uneducated, lonely, etc.

In the following, I list 71 things that you can do to be more successful. You choose to do them or not. If you choose not to do these things, then you have no right to complain about your problems; your problems are your fault!

1. Stop watching television.

2. Stop eating fast food.

3. Stop eating pizza and fried foods.

4. Stop driving places that you could easily walk to.

5. Read at least 1 book a month.

6. Take classes in what interests you or your vocation.

7. Work enough to support yourself, and if needed get a new job or second job to make enough to support yourself. Never stick with a job that doesn't pay enough to support yourself no matter how much you work.

8. Pay off your debts and don't go in debt. You can pay off your debts if you avoid needless expenses, such as cable, overpriced clothes, impractical decorations, unhealthy snacks, jewelry, etcetera.

9. Don't buy a car on finance, and don't buy an expensive car if a cheaper one that works is available.

10. Wake up early, and get all your work done as quickly as possible. That includes household chores, as well as your employment.

11. Drink alcohol less or quit.

12. Do drugs less or quit.

13. Don't smoke cigarettes.

14. Don't eat foods with high fructose corn syrup.

15. Don't drink soda.

16. Don't eat sugary foods at all.

17. Don't drink more than 1 glass of juice per day.

18. Stand up straight and have good posture.

19. Look people in the eyes when you talk to them.

20. Smile.

21. Be polite.

22. Keep your promises.

23. Wear a watch, if you can afford it.

24. Eat breakfast.

25. If you eat cereal at any time, choose your cereal based on healthiness not tastiness.

26. Exercise at least 3 days per week.

27. Walk often.

28. Always write with correct spelling and grammar.

29. Never speak worse about a person behind their back than you do to their face. (Feel free to say nicer things about a person behind their back than to their face.)

30. Don't gossip and don't have a big mouth.

31. Never judge other people harsher than you judge yourself.

32. Make New Years resolutions, but make one every day instead of every year.

33. Volunteer.

34. Forgive, but never forget.

35. Don't have skeletons in your closet.

36. Keep as few secrets as reasonably possible.

37. Despite the rule before this one, keep your friends' secrets.

38. Politely tell people that you will not betray your friends' trust, when you are asked about their secrets and such.

39. Volunteering (i.e. activism) is more important than voting. If you can do both, good for you. If you only have time for one, volunteer instead of voting. It makes more of a difference.

40. Privately question your own values.

41. Avoid questioning other people's values, especially in public.

42. Listen more than you talk.

43. Use a journal to count how many calories you consume per day.

44. Use a journal to count how many calories you burn per day.

45. If you want to lose weight, burn slightly more than you consume. If you want to gain weight, consume slightly more than you burn. If you are happy with your weight, try to burn the same amount as you consume.

46. Weigh yourself daily at the same time(s).

47. Write your daily weight down in a journal.

48. Never allow the police to search you, your car, or your belongings if you do not have something to hide.

49. Never tell other people that you think they or something they are doing is immoral or sinful.

50. Keep your moral values and religion to yourself. Use them to direct your own actions.

51. Ask people how they are often and listen to their answer.

52. Laugh at other people's jokes, but not your own.

53. Shower at least once per day.

54. Wash your hands, even if you aren't an employee.

55. Take care of the elderly, which includes spending time with them and talking to them.

56. Avoid going places where you need to be waited on.

57. Wait on yourself wherever possible.

58. Make your friends look good.

59. Avoid lying.

60. Don't pretend to be better than you are. Don't pretend to be more successful, popular, etcetera.

61. Treat other people as if they are better than they are. Treat them as if they are more successful, popular, etcetera.

62. Don't brag about your talents. Instead, surprise people with them when they just happen to be called upon.

63. Sit up straight.

64. Keep your house clean.

65. If you have either of them, keep your car and office clean.

66. Stretch daily. (I do Yoga most mornings.)

67. Dance.

68. Take dancing lessons if you could use improvement.

69. Ask other people (e.g. your friends, your co-workers, your boss, etc.) what their favorite book is, and read it.

70. Ask their favorite song or band, and listen to it.

71. Ask their favorite movie, and watch it.


· Don't be camera shy.

· When your alarm goes off in the morning (if you use one), don't press snooze.

· Make a budget and follow it.






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Unknown said...

Ok, good that youre trying to help people, it doesn't need to be presented in such a condescending manner. While I agree that many problems are self-induced, I disagree with the statement "Its your own fault". In cases of mental illness, such statements can derail the healing process. Try to keep it positive, or nobody will listen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Quin... good points but the list does seem to be condescending - and as I was reading through the list, it felt as if there were many more "don't's" than "do's". Still though... there are some good thoughts here.


Jez said...

i agree with every single point listed. following the 71 things can and would improve anyone's life. but everything starts with changing the way you think.

Ive recently met someone who is a complete sociopath in the truest sense and this person is in absolute denial, does not acknowledge his wrong doings, does not take any responsibility for his actions, is really one of the lowest human beings I have ever met in my life. So, even if he were to follow just one of the things on this list would be a miracle.

So i guess my point is, although the list is quite helpful, the first point should be to open your mind..change the way you think. it starts there.

Vistian Femto said...

Pretty sweet list, dude!

Dr. Jose Antonio Rojas said...

Forgiveness without forgeting is not forgiveness, when you forgive you leave everything behind and start over, and then move on. Not Forgeting is just keeping the Resentment inside and that´s what we are trying to avoid

Unknown said...

How about not being a pretentious cock sucker who things everyone should take there advice. Smoke Weed every day!

Unknown said...

First off
Great advice! I've given many of those points at some point in my life...though I still have trouble following some of them consistantly...(reminded me to stop slouching, for one...very important being on the computer)
He wasn't being condesending...he's just speaking his mind...and this is important *You are what you do/think/feel and you are in control of these 3 things*
To forgive and not forget
I believe what was meant is...don't harbor harmful thoughts/feelings
But don't let yourself be put in that situation again...for example
I forgive the Nazis for their torture and murder...but I will never forget it
To forget history is to allow it to repeat
I hope we can all learn from each other...and ourselves

Orchid64 said...

Some simple choices are harder for some than others. Until you walk a mile in someone else's shoes (or you suffer a change in circumstances), people like Mr. Warrior can't understand that.

Employment options are not unlimited. Some people have physical or emotional obstacles (which may not be immediately apparent just by looking at them) which prevent them from things like jumping out of bed and doing housework.

Sure, if you can follow everything on this list, your life might be better, though if the attitude you cop is the same as exemplified in this list, you're a smug jerk who lacks compassion and understanding that not everyone lives the same life as you.

People like the writer are due for a hard lesson somewhere down the line to help them break out of their egotistical box. One day I fell off a bicycle while riding to a supermarket (as I use a bike and not a car) and my back has been in pain ever since. I can't walk without pain. I can't lie down for a long time without pain. My life is all about minimizing pain. This is all because I fell off of a bicycle. I don't look crippled, but I am.

These sort of things change your ability to cope on every level. Try to be less judgmental before karma forces you to be so.

Unknown said...

Your right! People are always complaining! Good tips Man

specialk78 said...

I agree with Orchid64. Although Mr. Warrior may have a few good points, ie) slouching is bad for one's posture, judging people because they aren't happy with their own life is awful. There are people living in horrible situations they can't get out of by no fault of their own. Young people are forced into marriages by their parents and often they're stuck in an abusive relationship. Can you just imagine how hard it is for her to get out when the whole community respects her husband and thinks he would never hurt anyone. As for being polite, I think it would be nice, if everyone went out of their way for other people, but different cultures have different manners all over the world. I think a much bigger issue would be the growing amount of violence in North America especially amongst the youth. I also think in this modern age the internet and other things brilliant people have come up with, WHY ARE WE STILL FIGHTING IN WARS??? How many kids are living orphaned in those war torn countries because they choose to? We talk about manners and we can't stop killing people and destroying families??? Maybe Mr. Warrior needs to get his priorities straight. I'd be surprised if Mr. Warrior doesn't have custom made doorways in his home to accommodate his enormous ego. I think maybe we should just try to live life the best we can and try to do for others what we would want done for us.

Anonymous said...

This article has been written by Scott Hughes. Read more from him here:

The above page is on Stumbleupon as well. Link:


LimonCello said...

Long list of do nots

This is sort of like following a religion.

Maria said...

Good list. I find a lot of truth in it. I don't find it condescending to suggest going without or to suggest that I am the author of my own destiny, but sometimes I wonder if depression is caused by having too good of a life, and your post got me thinking more about this.

Therese said...

I am all about self improvement, however a lot of these things are easier said than done.

Nuno said...

I would add one more;

- read carefuly the things you write down and think before giving advice to others

Just as an example..... look at # 62. Don't brag about your talents.[...] and # 66. Stretch daily. (I do Yoga most mornings.)

Get real !!!

Kiefers Corner said...

Well for the most part i agree with what’s on your list. It just could have been done with a little more tact.

Each and every one of us has the ability to change our life, but unfortunately some don't have the opportunity.

Unknown said...

give me abrake

Owlie said...

Good list, but if you're eating healthy and exercising you don't need to count calories and weigh yourself every day. that can lead to obsession and eating disorders. personal experience.