Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wrap your day in goodness.

Wrap your day in goodness.

Today and every day you are surrounded by goodness.
Take an even breath and imagine yourself surrounded
by goodness.

In your mind's eye, see the goodness
shining back at you as you move throughout your day.
The butterfly, the rainbow, the smile of a friend,
and the sounds of laughter all reflect goodness.

For a moment, imagine good things happening to you
today. Feel the joy and celebration these wonderful
events create in you.

On the screen of your mind,
see yourself sharing goodness with others and together,
celebrate this goodness.

Combine these images with
joy and let them go, knowing that they will create
the good things you are visualizing and thinking.

The path of the fool is straight and true in his eyes having no
thoughts of fault decisions.

The fool is categorized by the quality of wrong judgment: his
rational world is a closed one, thus not being attentive to advices
and knowledge coming from external source and wisdom.

By expressing thoughts and ideas deriving exclusively from his own
mind, he is merely heralding his ego, thus shunning himself from
true wisdom.

The wise person would listen freely to advices, ideas and knowledge
that are not his. Doing so will enrich his world and wisdom while
providing him with an exercise in humility..

The least we can do as individuals is to motivate and inspire another human being!
Because a candle loses nothing by lighting another!
Muhammad Ahmad Khan
Reiki Master & Master in Fourth Dimension

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