Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Speedup Windows Settings By Increasing The Double-click Speed

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Speedup Windows Settings By Increasing The Double-click Speed

I have a great Windows optimization tip that all levels of users can follow!

I've always 'felt' that my PC runs faster when I've speedup my mouse double-click speed and Microsoft developer Raymond Chen has just confirmed that it does indeed speedup your PC. Raymond explains in his post that many other Windows settings use the double-click speed as a barometer for how fast the PC is, so speeding it up increases other settings:

If you go into the mouse control panel and speed up your double-click speed, then you'll find that other user interface operations tend to speed up as well. The double-click time is a sort of barometer for how good the user's reaction time is. If you set it too low, you may find that things just happen too fast.

Some of the settings that are increased by changing the double-click speed are:

  • The default tooltip timeouts are based on the double-click time. (Initial: 0.5s, autopop: 5s, reshow: 0.1s.)
  • Incremental searching in list boxes resets after 4 times the double click time (2s).
  • When you click and hold over a scroll bar arrow, autorepeat begins after 4/5 of the double-click time has elapsed (.4s), and autorepeat occurs at one tenth of the double-click time (0.05s = 20 repeats per second).
  • The menu speed used to be 4/5 of the double click speed (0.4s), but now it has its own setting (SPI_SETMENUSHOWDELAY).

Just in case you do not know how to speedup your mouse settings then click on 'Mouse' under 'Hardware and Sound' in Control Panel.

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