Thursday, June 26, 2008

!!*!!~*Some Useful Tips For New Bloggers*~!!*!!

*Some Useful Tips For New Bloggers*

1. Own Domain: Your domain should be small (10-12 characters are enough) one and easy-to-remember. For more tips on choosing domain names, read Shaun's article.

2. Good Host: If you have a self-hosted blog, then host it on a reliable host. Make sure your is a reliable one, has no downtimes and has 24/7 support. (If anyone has written a good article on importance of good web-hosting, please let me know below. I'll add the link here.)

3. Nice Theme: You should have a nice, clear and simple template. Don't make it full of images, because that will increase the loading time of your blog. Remember, your theme gives the first impression ofyour blog. Read Nirmal's post for more info. on selecting a theme.

4. Feed Button: Place the feed link/icon in the first fold of your blog. The feed icon should not be too big or too small. Use a medium sized icon depending on your blog layout. For more tips, visit Shankar's place.

5. Comment on other blogs: Well, yes. This is important! Or you, yourself, won't get any comments on your blog. So, this is a must. When I started out blogging, I used to be very lazy in commenting on other blogs, but the result was that I hardly got a comment the whole week. Read more tips by Brown.

6. Reply to comments: It's good to respond all the comments given on your posts. Your blog looks more active this way. Don't ever piss of your readers. If you do want to do, read some tips to piss of readers by Shaun and read another good article on how to increase comments on your blogs by Nirmal.

7. Participate in discussions: Participate in discussions on other blogs.Participation doesn't mean you startspamming. Make a comment related to the topic. This will help your blog gain some exposure.

8. Join Link Directories: Join as many link directories as you can. It gets you link backs, and link backs help you get a higher PageRank.

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