Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One suggestion for all upcomming S/W Engineers

Hey guys, I have a suggestion for all upcomming software engineers. I dont know how many of agree to me on this but believe me its my personal experience and it does works.

My suggestion for all those guys who want to come to IT field, IT Job certainly is not one of the easiest jobs to do, it demands a lot of skills out of you.

My suggestion is...

Immediately after completing your B-Tech, or MCA what ever... Take a 6 months period and join in some college or any institute as a faculty... I tell you the reason why...

Being a faculty we can learn many things which could help us a lot when you step in IT.

1. You will learn how to explain things to different people around.

2. You will learn how to understand when different people raise their query.

3. As a person you will become more cultured coz as a faculty you got a responsibility to be a role model for so many people.

4. It will remind you the subjects you learned previously and sharpens your knowledge.

5. You will learn lot of leadership qualities.

6. You can earn many managerial skills at an early stage of your carrier.

7. And all these qualities will come along with some income too :)

To get a faculty job is very easy in HYD, Bangalore and in Chennai...

and some other places...

Believe me these are all the key factors which an IT professional needs. and this is one of the best media to bring these qualities in you.

I wish all you guys who want your youngers to get into IT suould suggest this to them...

Any other suggestions also welcome


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