Saturday, June 14, 2008

One of the few Reasons, I love Monsoon

One of the few Reasons, I love Monsoon

Not to miss the monsoon.

Children Play Along the Sides of Road

How to get out home in a heavy Rain

Palghat Aghathallam (In-House)

What more a Pond can fill in with

Few More drops can put me down

At last the Blue Horizon

Alleppy Inner Canals (weeds from Sea Come in)

Part of a thatched Roof (Taken for a stoppage Tea)

Lose of Banana Crop (Nature's Havoc)

All these Lotus are for me

Oh GOD! not spared even

Fisherman Going back home

A day to spend on House Boat

Few Drops can make a Stream

Let me be one of the drops falling down

How much water around for a bath....

Gods Can't stop this Monsson

What a travel it will b!

Windy Days of Monsoon

In No Mood to come down

Boy Going to School in the Outskirts of Pallakad

With WorldCup Football can't b stopped by Rain

Can catch the few Drops of Rain

Rains pour down my Car Front Glass


posted by: Yogini Sutar