Friday, June 20, 2008

Is 'Classical Indian Music' on the deathbed?

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Is 'Classical Indian Music' on the deathbed?

I think it can be a burning issue of debate but nobody bothers to highlight. Nor the Central or the State Governments are concerned regarding the real talents of classical music who go on practicing for hours and devote their life for achieving perfection in the real music of India.

The Indian classical music, which reflects the essence of the Indian culture, tradition and heritage, is pathetically got lost in the darkness and if the Governments do something then it is only the awards apart from which they are not at all interested in nurturing these young talents.

If this is the fate of the Government, We the citizens of India do not differ much from this attitude towards Indian music.

Everyday we do listen to music and enjoy seeing the reality music shows on our television sets. These TV shows only concentrate on the artists and young talents who are no better than mere copycats of film music, and it seems that there is nothing left in this world except movie songs.

So if this is our attitude towards this art of India, then how will we be able to give the world some great singers like MIYAN TANSEN, PANDIT BHIMSEN JOSHI, M.S. SUBALAKSHMI, etc in the future?

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