Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gems influence your life ???

Well this is always a debatable topic. But many believe it does and many doesn't. But what is the basic science behind this ?

Some time before I learned something about this in a book fare. It says... when a new born baby sees our world for the first time, at that time rays coming from of many planets does influence the body structure, mentality, color, complexion etc etc of that baby. some times it does happens that due to some planetary position some of the rays may touch the baby and that lacking will definitely influence his entire life.

to over come this lacking, some of the gems, each one represents a particular planet comes into his rescue. but the quantity, quality also maters here. When you were a particular gem, the rays coming out of it goes into your body and influences a lot on you brain. The effect of a particular gem starts from 3 days to 4 weeks.

But one thing we must remember... never ware a gem which is already used by some one. otherwise it will effect you adversely and the adverse effect of a gem starts immediately with in 2 -3 hours.

So this is science behind Gems. Well I never believed in all this but if it does something good for me then why not.

Aries - White Pearl, Ruby, Rosser Reeves Ruby, Star - Cabochon, Cat's Eye Taurus - Diamond, White Pearl Gemini : Red Coral Cancer : Emerald Green (Panna), Blue Lapiz Lazuli Leo : Diamond, White Pearl Virgo : Pearl, Blue Sapphire Libra : Topaz, Yellow Sapphire

Scorpio: Emerald Green (Panna), Blue Lapiz Lazuli Sagittarius : Neelam, Blue Lapiz Lazuli Capricorn : Pearl, Blue Sapphire Aquarious : Topaz, Yellow Sapphire Pisces : Emerald Green (Panna), Blue Lapiz Lazuli

posted by: JAY