Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cute cute cute

I'm not going out there you know...

this exercise program aint easy....

I'm gonna win....or I'll eat the pieces..

God Bless mommy & daddy ...

Shhhh, they'll know we're hiding here!!!

Did ya see that ???

Alice, aren't we just beautiful?

This little piggy ain't sayin nuttin hunnie!

MMM this is SO good....

Ehhh..he loves me! what can I say?

What? Well maybe no one will notice?

Crabby Old Bird....it don't like me I think...I'm GONE!

That's as wide as I can open it.!.

Can I have this kitty???

Umm . I think I have a snail on my head...

somebody has to eat the carrots !

This toothpick isn't working very well....

Sumit Kumar

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